How to Cozy Up Your Fall Season

How to Cozy Up Your Fall Season

As I live in Southern California, we won’t be getting a dusting of snow anytime soon (or ever), however, the weather has chilled and golden leaves are falling off trees. The time change has already left me a bit out of sorts, but the upside is I feel like cooking every day! I’ve been thinking of ways to really embrace the short Fall season, as Winter will be here before you know it.

Enjoy More Sunsets

I’ve noticed some incredibly fiery sunsets over the past week, and those who are up early driving around town have snapped some amazing sunrise photos as well! What is it about Fall that makes the skies so beautiful? A little research shows that there is an atmospheric reason for the bright reds and golds that look like lava!

During sunrise and sunset, light from the sun must pass through much more of our atmosphere before reaching our eyes, so it comes into contact with even more molecules in the air. Much of the blue light gets scattered away, making the reds and oranges more pronounced.

For those of us who (begrudgingly) take part in day-light savings, make sure to take a few minutes to watch those early sunsets. We may as well get a fantastic evening firework show as compensation for the sun setting before 5 pm now.

Cook With Warm Spices

My friend came over to borrow some cardamom the other day, which made me, of course, take a quick sniff. The warm spicy aroma instantly brought back happy childhood memories and made me feel cozy and warm all at the same time. Pull out those richly scented Fall spices and think of new ways to use them! Nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and allspice are all great choices to use in baking and sauces. These spices also pair well with many root vegetable bakes and legumes! Get creative and have some fun fall flavors, and make your kitchen smell amazing. Word to the wise – Cardamom pods are a little hard to grind, so consider buying the powdered version. Pod seeds are great to simmer in a mesh bag into savory sauces or broths.

Dress the Part

Now is the time to get out those soft cozy sweaters, sumptuous scarves, comfy leggings, and my favorite ankle boots! I do like full-sized boots, but when it’s just crisp out, I appreciate shorter boots because they cover my ankles (no draftiness), yet I feel nimble and light like I could still walk a million miles.

I also like to get out my knits to wash them with Eucalan gentle and natural no-rinse wash. It’s quick and easy and makes all my knit scarves and wool hats smell amazing! I also dig out the leather cleanser for my boots, shoes and purses. Winter weather can be very drying, so moisturize leathers before the really cold weather gets started!

Fabrics that can take a water-repellent (like tennis shoes and backpacks) get a little freshener spray as well. Shopping for clothing and shoes online has also become another fun ‘Fall sport’! My winter sizes are often easier to shop for online (shoe size, sweater sizes), so why go out in the early dark and cold evenings to shop when I can stay inside with a cup of tea and browse online!?

Happy Fall!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Digital Adverts. 

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