Find Your Eyeglasses with Tile

Find Your Eyeglasses with Tile

Once on a summer vacation to Oregon, I walked across a field with knee-high tall grass not realizing my bag was open. Somewhere along the path, my eyeglasses fell out and I spent the next several hours searching unsuccessfully.

I found gopher holes, insects, rocks but no very expensive pair of prescription eyeglasses. I knew it was there, but I simply could not find it in the midst of all that plant life. Being in a remote area, I had to wear my dark prescription sunglasses to stumble around that night in my hotel room.

My life was officially miserable. Losing my vision left me feeling helpless, sad and frustrated. I even went back the next morning to hunt some more. It was like the grass had grown even taller just to taunt me! I finally gave up and made a three hour the to get a very expensive replacement.

Although I now try to bring a backup pair when I travel, I still seem to lose my specs a lot.  The top two questions that come out of my mouth while at home are: 1.) Did you do your homework and 2.) Have you seen my glasses? Although I have several eyeglass options to choose from, I only have ONE pair of ‘computer glasses’. These are the glasses that allow me to see a computer screen clearly AND see across the room at the same time.  As my glasses are expensive, I keep them safely tucked away in cases so they don’t get scratched. However, despite having a bright orange eye-glass case for my computer glasses, guess what I misplace every single day!?


tile for glasses
Stop losing your glasses. Put a tile on your glass case and save your sanity.

With the Tile Sticker attached strategically to my orange eye-glass case with my prized eyeball perfectors, I can now EASILY find my glasses via the Tile app. I can even search on via my work computer or ask my family to help by sharing the search with them!

I’ve been known to misplace my glasses in some pretty crazy spots too – like the refrigerator!

Best of all is when (sadly not if), but WHEN I leave my glasses out at a restaurant or business meeting, I can use Tile’s app community to help me out.

I recommend getting the Tile Mate Essential kit because there is a size and functional Tile for SO MANY common items that get lost easily!
It’s no wonder that Tile is the world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker.


The Tile app to be a part of the world’s largest lost-and-found community, where friends and strangers come together to find everything that matters. Amazingly enough, Tile and the community of Tile users help locate two million items every day.

Here’s how it works:

  • Tile uses Bluetooth to communicate with the companion app on my smartphone or tablet.
  • The Tile app “discovers” a Tile and establishes a connection to it using the Bluetooth signal.
  • Once a Bluetooth connection is made between my Tile and mobile device (within Bluetooth range), Tile then uses the location services of my mobile device to communicate up-to-date location information to the app.
  • The Tile app tells me that it is near, and when I’m within range it will play a little tune (that I am able to select).
  • I find my eyeglasses and bam! I’m back in business!

Check out the Together We Find video about the most adorable lost stuffed panda on the planet! Warning: This video will make you cry. I haven’t met ONE person yet who hasn’t choked up over the Lost Panda video, but I promise there’s a super happy ending! It also shows how Tile’s function and vast community let people easily and anonymously help each other find whatever they’ve lost!

No one likes losing stuff! Now I use Tile to help me find my glasses (on a daily basis) and I have peace of mind knowing that should I lose my eyeglasses on my next trip at a restaurant, hotel room, that I’ll have the Tile community helping me hunt for them!

Click here to see the whole collection of nifty Tile devices from stickers, to Tiles for keychains, wallets and more. 

20 thoughts on “Find Your Eyeglasses with Tile”

    • Haha..yes! Although they aren’t GPS trackers, it would certainly help if they are hiding from you in the house 😀

  • This sounds amazing. I need a Tile for my car keys. I am always loosing them. I will have to add this to my shopping list for this weekend.

  • When I was a kid I once lost my glasses in a lake! I was swimming with my cousins and I had left my glasses sitting on top of my towel on the jetty. My grandmother, who was watching us, picked up my towel to hand it to me not realizing that my glasses were on it, and accidentally flicked them into the water. We searched in the water for such a long time but never managed to find them. I can remember being so upset that I’d lost my (very expensive and much needed) glasses. We lived in a small country town and getting a replacement pair meant taking a couple of trips to the nearest city a few hours away. It also meant a week or two without glasses which pretty much meant a week or two of not being able to see. There was a happy, and rather comical, ending though… A local fisherman had been sitting nearby on the jetty when I lost my glasses. About an hour after we had given up looking for them he somehow managed to catch my glasses with his fishing rod! The lake was murky and brown with thick mud at the bottom, so there’s no way he had seen them. I’m guessing it was just a total fluke!

    • Oh my gosh! How frustrating!!! It’s amazing how much we rely on those specs to see. That’s too funny about the fisherman. Were you reunited with your glasses ever? Or you just heard the tale later?

      • Yes, I got them back – forgot to mention that bit! We lived in a really small town so the fisherman knew my parents and dropped them off to me 🙂

  • Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone in leaving things in some strange places. I’ve found my keys in the fridge and I’m still now sure how they got there. I think tile would make an awesome Christmas gift idea . . .

  • I keep thinking about getting one of these, and I think you may have just convinced me to make the purchase! Great post 🙂

    Louise x

  • I have seen these everywhere lately. Just saw the commercial again earlier today which makes me think it is some kind of sign to get some. We have so many things we put down that we forget -tablets, keys, toys, dog stuff, the list is pretty extensive.

  • OMG! I need Tile in my life! I am the most unforgettable person and this could save me from worries and time looking for my lost stuff! Me and my mom needs this!

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