San Diego Bay Food + Wine Event Foodie Picks

San Diego Bay Food + Wine Event Foodie Picks
A day of foodie trick-or-treating was greatly enjoyed by all at the annual 2015 San Diego Bay Food + Wine event. Although it was tough to choose favorites, here are some of my picks for local San Diego Restaurants who really brought out thoughtful, beautiful and delicious bites to share with the community. Four of my picks are actually restaurants within a hotel! They also did a good job of serving the food at the correct temperature and kept pace with the flow of traffic. This is often a daunting task at big events. Some chefs will ‘bite off more than they can chew’ by creating difficult samples with many steps, and can’t get out the tastes fast enough. Or, some put out too many samples at once and food that should be served chilled ends up warm, or hot food ends up cold.  The restaurants below did a great job in the whole presentation for service and  explanation of food.  Congrats to these stand-outs for doing a great job!

The Oceanaire – Crab cakes

Marriot Coronado Island Restaurant – Squash with Mexican Prawns

Valencia Hotel – Grilled Octopus

Solare in Point Loma’s Liberty Station – House cured swordfish belly with aceto balsamico pearls

Barleymash – Bacon wrapped cinnamon rolls

Blue Wave Bar & Grill – Ahi Poke

50/50 – Bacon Burger

Rancho Bernardo Inn – Hiramasa bites

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