Snow Globe Inspired Jar Toppers

Snow Globe Inspired Jar Toppers
These vintage inspired snow globe jar toppers are easy to make and perfect for gifts like candy, gift cards and other small goodies. Keep in mind that when you decorate and modify this canning lid, it’s no longer good for canned food storage. Consider it a fancy gift box!

Kids also love miniatures, so this is a great craft for them! These make excellent teacher’s gifts.

You will need: (I got my supplies at Michael’s)

  • Clear plastic ornaments that open up into two separate pieces
  • Minis such as little pipe wire Christmas trees, Santas, Sleds, Cars, etc. Have fun with it.
  • Snow – I got the flaky gliter type snow, but you can use whichever decorative snow you’d like.
  • Wide Mouth Ball Jars and Llids
  • Hot Glue Gun & lots of Glue

Lay out all of your supplies. Decide what you plan on glueing to a can lid before you start assembling. Place half a plastic ornament dome over everything to make sure it fits. I had to trim my mini-trees.

Hot glue the lid to the lid ring from underneath. It gets hot, so be careful!

Once secure, you may paint the lid white or leave as is. I found that my hot glue didn’t stick as well to the painted surface, so I just went with the silver can lid look. As it’s covered with ‘snow’, it’s not a big deal.

Glue your minis onto the top of the lid.

With the decorated lid down on the table, add ‘snow’ to your creation. Make sure to add enough so it piles up slightly around the minis to look like a real storm as taken place.

Dust off the edges of the lid ring clean.  There should be no snow or debris on the ring, as it has to be clean to hot glue. Add a thin stream of hot glue around the outside of the lid and press the plastic ornament dome on it QUICKLY. The glue dries fast, so this move is important. You want the lid to be as secure as possible!

Let dry and gently screw onto a Ball Widemouth Jar.

Fill with goodies or even twinkly lights for a fun display!


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