No Time? Then it’s Bona Time!

No Time? Then it’s Bona Time!

This post is sponsored by Bona but the content and opinions expressed here are my ownBy BoredMom Ruthie

Whether it is back to school, decorating for fall, planning dinner parties or simply just managing the day to day household activities, everyone could use a little more time! Who wants to think about those neglected floors covered in the remnants of summer sand, germs from those back to school colds, or fuzz from those kitties shedding to make room for their winter coats? I know I want to get the most from my time when it comes to polishing up the house. 


When time is tight, Bona is here to help me keep things bright! I’ve been cutting down on my cleaning time with the fast and easy Bona Quick Clean System. The products work together seamlessly to help maximize my time and actually have changed the way I have tackled cleaning. Not only am I getting the job done quickly, but it’s actually fun for my family. 

I absolutely love the convenient mop! The Bona mop has soft flexible corners with an extra-large mop head to cover my all wood floors. Once I’m finished with tidying up, I simply remove the microfiber pad and throw it in the washer for an easy, reusable clean. With those germs running wild this time of year and the rainy season soon approaching, the disposable wet pads are infused with Bona cleaner which is great for targeting those one-time dirty areas. 

As I do have a young child and young kittens, I am wary of what I put on my floors. I love that Bona solutions are residue-free, fast-drying, water-based! I can’t think of an easier solution to swipe away hair and mud! 

The ceiling fans will soon stop their summertime whirl,  and the blades will be piled high with a whole season full of dust on them! Yuck! The Bona Quick Clean System also includes dusting pads with 3D fibers and locking strips that can easily reach high up to those fans and remove that summer grit. 

Clean floors truly make me happy. When my floors sparkle, my eyes sparkle! After my home has been polished and sanitized using the Bona Quick Clean System, I know I can truly enjoy the one thing I love more than a clean home, hanging and playing with my family.


With my son being the reigning champ of “Go Fish,” we have a lot of re-matches! Anytime, Anywhere! There is no “eww” factor when we decide to plop down in the middle of the floor. 

My son’s 5-year-old spirit is always asking “Can I help?’ and he truly means it. With this lightweight and mobile broom, he can actually give Mom an extra hand. Even with the addition of two new kitties, he has still found a way to incorporate his daily dose of chasing the fuzz balls around as well as giving the floor a nice quick sweep! It’s a win WIN!

The Bona Quick Clean system has not only surpassed the expectations of clean floors but has allowed our family to have more time to play with the efficiency of the system. 

To learn more about the Bona Quick Clean System, CLICK HERE!