Preserving Lemons with Salt

Preserving Lemons with Salt

If you have lemons coming out of your ears, or have a very generous neighbor with a bountiful lemon tree, don’t let that precious fruit go to waste!

You can preserve lemons in salt resulting in a glorious tart pickled rind that can be sliced (after it’s done processing) and used in stews, soups, tagines, fish dishes, salad dressings and more!

Salted lemons are popular in Moroccan cooking, but the uses are so wide, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use up your extra fruit like this before.

You’ll Need

  • Fresh lemons ( 8- 10 per quart depending on size)- scrubbed clean ( I also use Veggie Wash to make sure no environment is on them – jet fuel, bird poop, you get it.)
  • Salt
  • Sterilized Quart Jars with lids

making preserved lemons

How to Prepare

Put 1 tsp of salt at the bottom of the jar.

Cut lemons in half and then quarters. I use a bowl to salt about 8 pieces and cover with a thin layer of salt.

Stuff in the jar. I used a metal rolling pin.

Keep repeating until the jar is completely full (it can hold quite a few!)

Be sure that they lemons are completely covered with salted lemon juice. If you don’t have enough juice covering the lemons when you get to the top, simply juice another lemon to cover EVERYTHING.

Seal and they can sit out on a counter for 3-4 weeks. I shake them every day or so to move the brine around to make sure the salt is well distributed.

The rinds become somewhat translucent when ready.

Make sure to use a clean utensil when retrieving one to use, as you don’t want to contaminate with a dirty fork or spoon.

Rinse the lemons before slicing to add to sauces, soups, etc. There is a pulpy mess that is no longer needed – you simply need the rinds.

Enjoy and have fun experimenting with the delicious world of preserved lemons!

You can store them in the fridge, but the acid salt combo will keep them perfectly preserved for months with no refrigeration needed.