Mom Bloggers: 5 reasons why your blog has no traffic

Mom Bloggers: 5 reasons why your blog has no traffic

There’s nothing more frustrating then creating a stunning blog from scratch, filling it with interesting and engaging content only for no one to see it. Blogging is something that is both rewarding and fun to partake in, especially if you’re looking to improve your writing skills, offer an opinion or advice or just have an outlet to express yourself. But if you’re getting hung up on the analytics then it can quickly become a chore, and a very frustrating one at that. Here we’ll look at 5 reasons why your blog has no traffic and what you can do to change that. 

You have poor SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization is what allows your blog to be found online and in search engine results. The better the SEO, the more likely you are to be on the first results page – which is what everyone wants! Learning the basics of SEO will certainly help you to improve traffic to your blog. Examples of bad SEO include plagiarism – check out scribbr for the latest in plagiarism checking software. Posting content infrequently, keyword stuffing, blog spam and the use of clip art and poor quality images. Do a little research to familiarise yourself with SEO before you go any further. 

Your blog is brand new

Sorry to break it to you, but even if your blog has some of the interesting and engaging content on the internet, it won’t be found if you’ve only just started. This is where both persistence and patience play a huge part. To make your blog a success you need to persevere and accept the fact that gathering an audience will take time. However, it will also be well worth it in the end. 

You’re not posting frequently enough

Getting traffic to your blog means being consistent with your work. It means posting frequently and maintaining a high level of quality. It might be difficult to think of new topics and ideas once your initial ideas have run out but – that’s the beauty of blogging! Simply put, if you want regular readers and subscribers then you need to be posting on the regular. As mentioned above, consistent and reliable content is great for SEO, which will also help drive more traffic to your blog. 

Your content is poor

Spelling mistakes, posts that are less than 500 words, posts that are boring and even completely irrelevant to your theme. If your content is poor then readers won’t stick around for long. If content quality is something you’re struggling with then don’t be afraid to do a little research and check out some similar blogs. It might give you a little inspiration and the encouragement to step it up a gear. Grammarly is also a free spell and grammar check tool that is a lifesaver!

You haven’t linked in your social media

Linking all your social media together with your blog creates one streamlined product that makes you easier to find, easier to follow and much more engaging! Let your Instagram followers know your latest posts is available, make them laugh in your in stories, post videos on YouTube and share them on Facebook. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.