The Importance of Play Time for Children

The Importance of Play Time for Children

When children are young, they are continually learning through their interactions and playing. Teaching your child how to play and interact with others is essential to help them develop and grow into productive members of society, and they may get a lot more from their playtime than you realize! Translation: Take away that iPad, as here are the reasons why your child should have some good ol’ fashioned child’s play!

  • Physical Abilities – Through play,  your child will learn hand-eye coordination and balance.
  • Cognitive Abilities – They will also learn to solve problems through their play and interactions with their peers.
  • Communication Abilities – Through playing, your child can help to develop their communication skills and improve vocabulary as well as written and oral communication.
  • Social Skills – A child also develops the social skills that they need to get on with other people through play.

Playing Is Healthy And Reduces Stress

Whether your children play a physical game which involves running and jumping, or whether they are using their brains and thinking, playing is good for you and is an excellent way to reduce stress. If you are thinking of putting your child into child care, you will want to ensure that the facility that you choose has an active and varied curriculum which includes plenty of physical exercise.

More Complex Than It First Appears

You can often find that the games that children play can be a lot more complex than you first think, especially when they are using their imagination. I remember listening to my daughter play with friends when she was small, and they would come up with elaborate games, or playtime stories with lots of details Mind blown!
The games that your child will play can vary from physical, symbolic, functional, or sociodramatic, and the level of complexity may just surprise you. Next time your child is playing with a group of friends take the time to listen and watch what they do, and it will give you an insight into a side of play that you may never have thought about before.

Take Time To Play With Your Child

You will find that you will also benefit from playing with your child so it is worthwhile making an effort to share in their playtime. Regular playtime is an essential part of the daily life of a child and will help them to develop physical, language, cognitive, emotional, and social skills that they will need in their lives. Through play, you can also reinforce your bond with your child and share in their enjoyment and imagination.

Stretch Their Imaginations Outside

Playing outside is excellent for kids and allows them to get plenty of fresh air while they also receive that much-needed exercise.

Remember your childhood and spark the imagination of your child from stories of what you did with your friends. Help them to build a den, go on a nature walk and spot insects and animals, or let them partake in a sport if they wish, as it is much better for your child to be outside than sitting at home in front of a screen!

So next time you look at your child while they are playing remember that their play will help to define who they will come to be, so make sure to nurture and encourage them. If you want to read some more information on the benefits of play for children then there is an excellent article on various references online.

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