Get your Teen Girl Off Snapchat this Summer

Get your Teen Girl Off Snapchat this Summer


Parents! Your teen daughter has ONE plan this summer and it’s to snap pics of herself looking like a cartoon dog throwing up rainbows on Snapchat. The attraction of social networking, messaging and apps is SO strong, that you’ll need to bust out your ninja parenting tricks to detach them from their phones and pads. Here’s some fun ideas to lure them into other realms of activity.

Beach Essentials

Teen girls are done with traditional towels! Instead, they want to lounge on beautiful mandala inspired cloths. This particular cloth is long and fits a rectangular table as a pretty table cloth, but I know that’s not where it will end up this summer. Guaranteed this beautiful print will end up at the beach!

Make your Pool Cool

All teens want gigantic floaties. These are great for pools, beaches and lakes. The variety of these oversized inflatables is very vast and accessible this year. There are tons of different trendy animals, birds and foods – yes FOODS that your teen will want to lounge on. The cool factor comes from the fact that they are so supersized, that your teen can lounge without getting hair (that they spent all morning fussing over) wet. They are like giant fun lounge chairs! This huge flamingo floaty is over 4 feet wide, durable and very cute! Available on Amazon.*


Get in the Kitchen

Your teen is probably watching YouTube or Instagram videos on how to make cute desserts, cookies and ice pops. Tell them to stop watching and take action! Get some inexpensive popiscle molds and have your teen get creative! My teenie likes to make Spirte + Gummy Bear popsicles. Colorful, fruitiy and an absolute sugar bomb! Nailed it!

Or get them some fun piping tools and have them bake up a storm! Remember, a kid that doesn’t look how to cook will rely on take-out and prepared food as an adult! Get them in the kitchen now, even if it means they will make a mess and make mistakes. It’s all good.

Music To Go

I love USB rechargeable blue tooth speakers because it means my Teen can go to a park, pool or beach and play her tunes and I don’t have to hear it. Most bluetooth speakers are fairly rugged and can hold up well to dirt and even a little water.

Can’t get away from the sound? Invest in some quality earbuds for your teen. I know BEATS by Dre are cool, yet if your teen is into outdoor sports, small bluetooh sports earphones like these* with over the ear hooks are actually a better idea. The TweetTech Sports earphones have a cord that hooks behind the head, and the earphones hook over the year so they won’t fall out. They can still keep on jamming, but not have huge clunkers on their heads. They’re also not super expensive!

Make Someting

Finally, give your teen a CHALLENGE. Have them create something either for their bedroom, yard, home, etc. For example, have your teen create a Pinterest board on Succulents and then have them create something fun. Or, give them their own area in the yard to plant whatever they’d like! You’d be surprised how many teen girls, even the older ones,(secretly) want a Fairy Garden. Michael’s has a nice variety of miniatures, and you can find fun things at the Dollar Tree as well. Heck, I want a fairy garden!

Nail Art

Nail art has come a long way! Now there are stamping sets and the girls can create elaborate designs. There are translucent plastc stamping tools that can be rolled onto inked metal templates, and then transferred onto nails. It’s fairly easy to do, but the designs that come out are phenomenal! Post THAT to your Instagram!


* I received these products in exchange for an honest review.




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