Always Pan: Hands down the Best Pan for RV Travel

Always Pan: Hands down the Best Pan for RV Travel

We recently purchased an RV so we can travel safely in our own little bubble. So far the experience has been nothing short of amazing! However, one of the hardest parts of RV planning is the pre-packing. It’s never fun to get out on the road, far from civilization and realize you forgot to pack something essential. However, as we have a small RV (22′), we have limited space to pack items into.

When packing kitchen gear, I have two essential items I recommend to ANY RVer or camper! The Always Pan is a large non-stick pan that is large enough for me to boil, saute’ and pan fry any LARGE meal for my family. I have no need for any other cumbersome pots or pans, as this beautiful non-stick pan literally does it all! It even comes with a bamboo spatula and the pan has a rest built it, so I don’t have to put it down on a yucky camping table while cooking. I also have an induction stove that I pack with me. I can plug it into my RV’s power source, or I can plug it into a campground’s power set-up, if available. This way I can cook outside and keep all the food smells and heat out of my indoor sleeping space.

Best RV all in one cookware pan to pack

Not every pan works with an induction stove. Thankfully the Always Pan works like a charm! The way to test to see if your pan will work on an induction stove, is to hold a magnet to it. If it sticks, the pan will work. If not, do not attempt to use that pan with induction cooking. Induction stoves are relatively inexpensive – This is the one I have and I found it on Amazon.

best pan to use on an induction stove

Cleanup with the  Always Pan is SO FREAKING EASY! When I’m done making my meals (click here for an all in one noodle stir-fry recipe in the Always Pan), I simply wipe it clean with some paper towels. I then give it a rinse clean when I’m back in my RV or have access to a camp sink at a campground. I have never ever had to scrub anything, everything wipes away cleanly.

The Always pan has a sol-gel non-stick coating that is made primarily from silicon dioxide which is known in the cookware industry as “ceramic non-stick.” It’s tested not only to the standards of a ceramic coating (meaning no heavy metals are able to pass through the coating) but also tested to the standards of a polymeric coating (which means that absolutely nothing can pass through the coating). This makes it the safest non-stick option available.

lavender always pan

The Always pan also comes in several fun colors! I am loving the new lavender one, so pretty and fun! They will also ship it to you in plastic-free packing materials – which I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Click here for safe nonstick cooking

The 8-in-1 Always Pan, and all the dining essentials from Our Place! Try Risk Free for 30 days, Free Shipping and Free Returns. Shop Our Place today! 

Check out the Always Pan if you’re outfitting your RV for trips. You’ll save so much space by not having to pack additional pots and pans, and the clean-up process is SO easy that you’ll actually want to cook meals while out on the road!

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