EarthBreeze: Eco-Friendly Natural Laundry Detergent Sheets

EarthBreeze: Eco-Friendly Natural Laundry Detergent Sheets

I’ve had major laundry guilt for years now. As I’m not a fan of powdered laundry detergent, I have been buying those plastic jugs of liquid detergent. While I appreciate the clean clothes, seeing a large empty plastic jug just hurts my soul. Over 700,000,000 plastic laundry jugs end up in our landfills, oceans, or incinerated every year.  Horrible! Thankfully, forward thinking by some amazing scientists has resulted in the creation of eco-friendly natural laundry detergent sheets. These convenient detergent sheets dissolve quickly and offer powerful cleaning action, yet they are so tiny and space efficient!

earth friendly eco laundry sheets

The Earthbreeze Eco Sheets detergent is sensitive to your skin and sensitive to the ecosystem. Earth Breeze is ideal for even the most sensitive skin and is healthy and safe.  Their Vegan friendly ingredients are: Glycerol, Primary Alcohol Ethoxylate, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, Sodium Acetate Trihydrate, Polyvinyl alcohol, Polyethylene Glycol, Essence, Deionized Water, and Starch (Corn).

adding laundry detergent sheet to laundry machine

Half a sheet = 1 load | 1 sheet = 1 full load. No measuring and no messes. Think how cool this would be for college students too! No heavy bottle to lug around and take up space in a tiny dorm room. You could MAIL your kids laundry detergent!

earthbreeze detergent review

The EarthBreeze Eco Detergent Sheets are: 

  • Biodegradable cardboard packaging with NO plastic.
  • Laundry detergent compressed into powerful eco-friendly sheets.
  • Hot or cold washing. Works with all machines HE included.

They offer scented or unscented, but I absolutely LOVE the scented Earthbreeze! Smells fresh, slightly herbal and my clothes, sheets and towels come out clean and soft. It’s amazing that just a little square of detergent can do so much.

Earth Breeze Eco Friendly Laundry SHeets Review

I recommend trying the product out to make sure you love it like I do, and then you can save even more money with their subscription program. Each load of laundry then comes out to about .20 a load and there is Free Shipping.

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