1966 Called And It Wants The Wooden Salad Bowls Back

1966 Called And It Wants The Wooden Salad Bowls Back
These vintage monkey pod salad bowls have been hidden for almost 40 years and it’s time for them to dust off their bell bottoms and come out and party. Mid century buffs are collecting these again and vintage old sets like this one are hard to come by.

Monkey pod wood was a popular and fancy choice for serving salad in the 60’s and 70’s. If you look closely, Alice from Brady Bunch mixes up her greens in one of these hip wooden bowls.

The acacia tree is the source of these beautiful wooden bowls. Renamed Monkey Pod because it probably had a better marketing appeal to those looking for tropical decor. The branches of the acacia often be dangerous because they break off easily and fall in tropical storms. Much like the danger you will create when you bust these bowls out at your next retro dinner party and guests spontaneously bust into some disco moves!

disco moves

This complete set of eight (8) has no cracks. There are some minor scratches and one bowl seems to be a little lighter than the rest, but otherwise this is a solid vintage set. To make them shine like new, rub some food-safe mineral oil into them.

I envision salad in the roundy big portion and then some olives in the narrow part. Every meal in the 70’s was better with olives.

SOLD on Etsy.

Vintage Monkey Pod Salad Bowls



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