Back to School Cool 2016

Back to School Cool 2016
There are so many cool gadgets and gizmos out there, that life is truly starting to look like a Jetson’s episode. With school starting soon, there are some fun new products out that will not only make life easier, but also add a whole new layer of cool for your student, young or old.
Disclaimer: The items listed below are items that I have been given to review previously, however I like them so much I am recommending them again. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions and experiences with these products are that of my own. 


For the College Student:

Air Hammock

They’ve packed for dormlife, but have they packed anything to use outside their small cubicle room? The weather is nice outside for many months during the school year, so why not give your student something they can use and enjoy outside?

My pick is the Outdoor Air Hammock. It folds up neatly and even comes with a handy carry strap. When it’s time to use it (a little wind doesn’t hurt), run in a straight line to the big hammock and capture as much air as possible into each of the two chambers (one at a time). Then seal it up quickly and roll the ends until you have a comfy floaty air hammock that can be used in a park, quad, beach, etc. What a great study tool!

A Ginormous Bamboo Pillow

Can you really give your college student sleep? Nope, you can’t. They will have many late nighters either from studying or partying, but regardless deep necessary sleep is going to have to happen eventually. Encourage healthy rest with a soft and earth-friendly bamboo pillow.  The Cariloha Bamboo Pillow  is both huge (a luxe kingsize) and incredibly soft. Its plushy and medium soft interior  will cradle that studious head to much needed sleep.

The Cariloha pillow is available online and may be sent directly to your student at college. This is way better than a care kit full of cookies!


Often college kids get stressed out and prone to illnesses that can wipe them out from school. College should be a fun and exciting period in one’s life, but time and stress management skills will probably dictate whether your student will thrive or dive. Send your kid off to college with as many tools to combat stress.

The Phytopia Tranquility Anxiety & Stress Release Essential Oil formula was master crafted by a clinical aromatherapist. It is made from all natural plant oils that have been used since ancient times to bring calmness to one’s life. These plant and bark oils are also known to increase mental clarify – ie, your student can then make better decisions when under stress!  Drops may be added to a bath, or a little dab on the neck and massaged into the shoulders will work wonders. Or, your student may enjoy adding some to a difuser (see below) to use in their dorm room – what a bonus for a roommate too!

The Phytopia Tranquility formula comes in a gift bag and is beautifully packaged! What a thoughtful back to school gift to send to your student away from home?

Middle School/High School: 

Aromatherapy DIffuser & Essential Oils

Teen girls are like so, oh mmm gee, obssessed with trends and this is one I can get behind. Aromatherapy is hot and it’s also very beneficial! Certain essential oils like lavendar and peppermint are great for clearing the sinuses, and can be stimulating! Great for homework time. The extra bonus is that it smells great! What better thing to have going in a teen’s room!

This MIU Color Essential Oil diffuser by is small, compact and really pretty as it changes color. I recommend using Brooklyn Botany’s lavender and peppermint oil, which are both available on Amazon.

Facial Scrub

Ack! I’ve seen too many teenies as of late turning into pizza faces, and yes they are becoming hormonal, but the bigger problem is simply lack of proper skin care. Oz Naturals offers a dermafoliant called Ancient Orient Bamboo that can scrub away your teen’s dead skin cells and oils that can cause blackheads and breakouts. In this hormonally challenged age, now is the time to get your teen on a regular skin care program and exfoliating is an important step. This dermafoliant is a powder that can be blended with water in the palm of your hand (about a nickel size). Use this thin paste to scrub the face in a circular motion, and then let it sit for a few minutes. This is a great time to brush teeth while it sits on the skin. Then wash away with warm water and pat skin dry.

Ionic Face Tool

As you can tell by now, anything that helps my teen get interested in hygeine and better skincare is a great idea to me. One such novel idea is an ionic skincare tool. The concept it to aid in cleaning by using either positive or negative ionic charges. The flat metal disk side goes against the soaped up skin on the positive ion setting to help draw out impurities such as dirt and dead skin. The negative ion setting is used after the face is clean and you want moisture and cream from your face cream to go back inside the skin. The ionic tool gives off a slight tingly feeling which wakes up the skin. It doesn’t hurt at all. If anything, it helps circulate the blood and give skin a fresh appearance. Again anything to combat teen acne is a bonus in my book and using ions to help do the job is a great idea!

This tool is available on Amazon here. 

Elementary School: A Real Thermos 

Mom, don’t be so lame. Snoopy thermos containers are so not cool. This solid color KUUK thermos may be lacking a cartoon character, but it offers amazing insulation power. You can heat up some soup or chili for your child early in the morning and it will still be pipping hot by lunch. What a nice way to send a warm meal on a chilly day – it’s like a big hug! (Plus, all the other kids will be like, “Oooh…” (saddy face)  “All I got was a soggy PB&J.”

Lunch Bags

If you’re going to give your kid a thermos, make sure they have bags to accomodate! I love these neoprene lunch bags because they are lightweight and super easy to clean!

Available on Amazon. 



The kids are back to school which means they are probably eatting more processed snacks due to the contraints of refridgeration for school lunches, and then sneaking in extra treats like birthday cupcakes, gummies, etc. Combat that extra junk by adding more fiber to your child’s diet in addition to fresh fruits and veggies at home. A great fiber supplement is by OmniGreen Labs. It’s a tasteless, odorless fiber that dissolves into liquid quickly. Your child won’t even know that you’ve added some to their juice, water or tea! Healthy intestinal health is a key to overall health, so sneak some in or you could always just tell them. You’re going to eat it and like it!

OmniGreen Labs supplement is available on Amazon here. 

The items listed above are items that I have been given to review previously, however I like them so much I am recommending them again. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions and experiences with these products are that of my own.