Father’s Day 2017 – Useful Gift Ideas

Father’s Day 2017 – Useful Gift Ideas

When I was very young, I would give my Dad beer for Father’s Day. My Mom would buy the generic cans with the blue stripe around it and I would then decorate it with bows and pictures of cats.

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My Dad would take his generic beer out into the garden and putter, with white and blue cans decorating the overgrown nasturtiums on the brick patio. As it was the 70’s, people didn’t get hung up about things like five-year-olds giving their parents alcohol. Remember, we didn’t use seatbelts either.

Gift giving of today has changed considerably. Bad beer and tacky ties are of days past, but gifts need not be extravagant or expensive.

This year I’ve crafted a list of items that are budget friendly, hip and are actually items that Dad will want. Kids can even pitch in with their own money (as they should!)

For the Minimalist

The Kinzd Minimalist Slim Wallet is the perfect solution for Dad’s who like to travel lean. Perfect for the ID, cash and one credit card type of guy.

The Slim Wallet is genuine leather with elastic pull tab which makes it is easy to slide cards or cash out. It can securely hold up to 10 cards and a few bills, and there is an inverted pouch for keys so they won’t fall out.

You can save 20% on this Minimalist Slim Wallet with code KINOFF20.


Although I handed Dad a 6-pack of crappy beer for Father’s Day, beer as a gift from ‘kids’ may not be the best idea. 🙂  Instead, why not give him something healthy, gourmet and with a ‘catch’ as well.

Give Dad the gift of ‘Sandwiches for Days’ 

If Dad is a Tuna Fan, give him this awesome 6-pack of Gourmet Tuna from Safe Catch. Safe Catch hand picks premium wild tuna, and then test each and every one to a mercury limit that is ten times (10x) lower than the FDA action limit! This is an excellent brand for pregnant women as well – Catch Elite is the official tuna of the American Pregnancy Association.

This pack comes with SIX gourmet flavor combos –   Chili Lime, Citrus Pepper,  Cajun, Garlic Herb, Habanero-Mint and Citrus Pepper.  It’s only $22.99 right now with free shipping in the Continental USA. 

Include six coupons with the Tuna Cans good for ‘One Gourmet Sandwich’. When Dad is hungry, all he has to do is hand over a Gourmet Tuna Sandwich Coupon, and the kids can practice their sandwich building skills with one of his private stash gourmet Tuna Cans!

Safe Catch Elite tuna is wild and sustainably caught and they are a proud partner of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program and a Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise Partner.


Slim Bluetooth Speaker

Tunes on the go are a thing now. Sure cell phone speakers have come a long way, but still…it’s a phone. Get Dad a decent Bluetooth speaker that looks good and sounds great. This Shaba slim Bluetooth speaker is thin, yet packs a powerful sound.

It also looks very sleek and comes in several metallic colors. The optional LED lightshow just adds to the cool factor. Just pop out the little kickstand on the back and Dad can set it up while hitting golf balls, puttering in the garage, fishing, etc.