Freshening up my Home Naturally with OdorKlenz

Freshening up my Home Naturally with OdorKlenz

As we roll into summer, my family starts to put BBQs and swim parties on our calendar, which means we’re about to have a lot of people over! I’ve always been very sensitive to smells, yet hate using chemical-laden masking agents to hide them. I do enjoy essential oils, flowers and natural candles as a way to add scent to the air. However, these fragrances can’t mask smells or clean the source of stinky stuff that gets embedded in my drains, flooring, and furniture.

This is a sponsored post by OdorKlenz, but all opinions and experiences are that of my own. 

The common places in my household that seem to get a little funky are my drains and anything that my dog dwells on. Tackling these two primary places of ‘stink’ is a great way to freshen up my home.

Stinky Sinks

My bathroom sinks take a beating. Between toothpaste, beauty products and my teen’s ‘homemade’ facial masks, odors start to emanate from the drain build up.

I like using OdorKlenz Sink & Disposal Cleaner/Deodorizer because it’s a gentle soap odor neutralizing properties.

  • Made from castile soap, vegetable glycerin, and metal oxides
  • No fragrances or toxic chemicals
  • Helps clean while it deodorizes & it’s fast acting

I simply pour about 1/3 cup of the product into the drain, let it sit for a few minutes, then turn on the water to rinse down. Bye-bye stinky odors!

OdorKlenz is a non-toxic cleanser and deodorizer, so I can use it guilt-free as I certainly don’t want to add any more toxic chemicals to my environment or waste system.

Flooring, Furniture & Fabrics

OdorKlenz Source Treatment is a specially formulated product to provide maximum neutralization and odor extraction by capturing, destroying, and eliminating offending odor sources safely and effectively.

My sweet dog likes to sit next to me during the day while I’m working on the computer. So, this means I get the full ‘doggy smell’ experience. I do keep up on her bathing, but dog oils inevitably get on the wood flooring, cabinets, carpets and anything else she sleeps on or next to.

OdorKlenz is extremely versatile. I can use it on carpets (shampooer works best so I can rinse it), throw pillows, tile, concrete and even wood flooring. As my wood flooring and cabinets are sealed, I can easily spot treat the ‘doggy areas’ with a sponge.

I use about a 1:3 ratio of product to warm water and then sponge all the areas that have dog grease or even around her dog food area. I let it sit for about 15-20 minutes and then sponge off with clean water. It’s a super easy process and everything is clean – and smells fresh again!


OdorKlenz also offers other natural cleaning products for Sports Equipment (think stinky teens) and Laundry! For the full line of products, click here.


Thank you to OdorKlenz for the opportunity to review and use these great non-toxic products – my nose thanks you!