2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Practical People

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Practical People
The BoredMom.com Gift Guide is here! The recommended items are good for a wide variety of friends and family, and won’t break the bank. These are THOUGHTFUL gifts that will be used and not tucked away in a cabinet or drawer! Without further ado, here’s the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Practical People:

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Remember Summer?

Yes, we’re headed into the long winter, but we dream of outside entertaining with our unbreakable drinkware! This set of six shatterproof nautical themed stemless wine glasses are perfect for outdoor entertaining.  They will surely get a lot of use and love from your wine-loving friends and no more shattered glass on the back patio!

Reusable, BPA free, FDA approved. You may order these from: http://dajosieco.com BONUS: A portion of the profit will benefit Lollipop Kids Foundation (benefits children living with disabilities).

Sleep Well

If you have a loved one that is having a hard time sleeping, or wakes up with a stiff neck, consider the Bamboo Memory Form pillow. It contours to the head while resting and it’s naturally cool. This is a smaller size pillow which is great for travel as well.

Free Yourself

Still using earbuds with a cord? As if! Bluetooth cordless earbuds are the only way to go, and these Deific sports earbuds are even better as it allows you to be active (run, golf, etc) and not have the buds fly out of your ears! This set comes with adjustible ear bud covers and a USB charger as well. Awesome stocking stuffer!

Skin Splurge!

This Manuka Honey Walnut Natural Face Exfoliator is the perfect stocking stuffer for Mom, daughter or a friend. This natural face and body scrub removes daily build-up so your face can heal and look radiant again. Microdermabrasion at home saves money and helps gently polish away damaged skin, blackheads, stretch marks and a powerful acne scar treatment. It’s also much safer than a chemical peel! Give the gift of fresh vibrant looking skin when dry winter weather takes a toll.

After your skin has been refreshed, cleanse and luxuriate in  all natural Lavender & Bergamot Body Wash.  This  is a nourishing calming body wash that can be used for your daily shower. Great for dry skin.

Beessential’s Beeswax based Lip Balms also make GREAT stocking stuffers!  Available on The Beessential Website here.


My Mantra Mat is comfy yoga mat that comes with it’s own carrying case. If you know someone who is just starting out with yoga or pilates, or perhaps needs a push to start, this is the perfect gift. This mat is also extra long! I am 5’10” and had plenty of room to do my thing! Years ago, I had a mat that was too short and I was constantly stepping off of it like a #loser! Pair this sleek long mat with a gift certificate to a local yoga class! Namaste!


Got Sleep?

If you have a friend or family  member who complains about neck pain or poor sleep, consider this Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel  I have personally tested this pillow and am enjoying great sleep, and considering I’ve had a lot of neck issues lately, that is really a testament to how well this pillow works. The memory foam pillow maintains its shape yet molds to your head providing cervical support and keeping your neck level all night long.

When you lay on it, the cervical pillow for sleeping properly supports your neck and keeps it in alignment with your spine all the way down your body. With the cervical pillow, you will forget about night neck and shoulder pain and headaches.

Still Can’t Sleep?

If you have a BFF who has sleep issues coming from noise (cough cough..SNORING….cough cough HUSBAND), then consider a White Noise machine. The Lectro White Noise machine generates consistent realistic sound that drowns out annoying noise like snoring, dogs barking, loud neighbors, airplanes, etc.

The Lectro White Noise machine is also great for nervous pets! I personally have seen how the Lectro machine makes my dog relax and drift off to sleep in minutes! It’s crazy how fast it works on her, and a little fun to watch. 😉 The Lectro White Noise Machine is available here. Your BFF will thank you….immensely!

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