Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2016

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2016
 Father’s Day 2016 is right around the corner! Here’s some gift ideas that are for Dad, but maybe just an eensy teensy bit for you too, Mom. These are all practical gift ideas and things that Dad will really use an appreciate.

First up, an Electric BBQ Grill Cleaner:

puredome electric bbq scrubber

Guys love their grills and cooking up a storm. Some guys baby their grills and spend hours buffing and shining it. Others, meh..not so much. All the fun time is spent grilling and then the yucky grill mess sits afterwards. Remember how I said this gift may be for you as well? By making his BBQ cleaning job easier, he will grumble less when you ask him to go clean the grill! Make his day easier by reducing scrub time. This PureDome Electric Scrubber comes with three different stainless steel brush attachments. It also comes with it’s own rechargeable battery. When I plugged in mine overnight, it had nice solid power the next day when I tested out the attachments. Watch my video here:

This PureDome Electric Scrubber with Stainless Steel brushes is available on Amazon, and if you have Prime – Free Shipping!



If you have kids that constantly borrow Dad’s phone to play a game or take a selfie, why not help the poor guy out with his own power boost. This cool little power bank by Oh-Box also comes with a cell phone holder and LED flashlight.

This unit is compact, portable and has a sleek simple design. This is also perfect for long plane flights and road trips . Remember how I said that these gift ideas benefit Moms an itty bit too? After he juices up his low cell phone battery, there is enough left over for you to top your cell phone off as well. Cheers to that!

Available on Amazon 

Expandable Hose

You’ve probably seen these on T.V., and I myself have been a little skeptical about using an expandable hose. However, after playing with this for awhile now I can tell you that all my heavy lunky hoses are being donated and I’m switching to these! These lightweight hoses are easy to carry, store, fold-up, etc. However, when you turn the water on they expand (usually to twice their deflated size) and are so easy and nice to use! Guess what — Dad hates lugging around the big heavy hose as well! My husband loves ours and agrees that this is quite possibly one of the best recent inventions out there. This set comes with a hose holder and a nice multi-spray setting nozzle. Bring harmony to your home with this easy-to-use hose and best of all, easy to put away so no more excuses of why the heavy trip hazard hose has been left out!

This Hose expands up to 25 feet.

Available on Amazon 


Father of the Freakin’ Century Award

Ok, enough tools and techie toys! This mug is awesome! Dad does a lot for you and this is a fun way to remind him how awesome he is!

These creative cups are way better than the boring “#1 Best Dad” mugs. Forget the snoozefest and get him this hip and cool instead — afterall, he’s the Father of the Freakin’ Century!!   Available on Amazon 


I received all of the products listed in this review at a discount or for free in exchange for an honest review, which I have provided. The opinions expressed in this blog are that of my own. 

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