How to Create a Hygge Gift Basket

How to Create a Hygge Gift Basket

I absolutely love putting together gift baskets for friends and family. I try to choose items that I think are useful and of high quality. The Hygge Lifestyle has been very popular in 2022, especially in times

uncertainty where we crave comfort.

To me, the Swedish term Hygge is the art of living with coziness.

“Hygge has been called everything from the “art of creating intimacy, ‘coziness of the soul,’ and ‘the absence of annoyance,’ to ‘taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things,’ ‘cozy togetherness,’ and my personal favorite, ‘cocoa by candlelight. ‘” Meik Wiking.

In my attempt to create Hygge in a basket, I not only look for items that provide comfort and coziness; but procure ‘better for you’ items for the body as being healthy is also a huge part of the Hygge lifestyle for me.


Teas are plentiful and easy to find. However, I like to choose special teas and prefer curated blends with unique packaging and unique flavor profiles to add to my gift baskets.

chai tea is very hygge

Chai is a black tea blend with spices that instantly invoke a feeling of cozy & thankfully there are lots of organic options. Some of my favorites: Nepali Breakfast Tea  with ginger and cardamom to shine through without getting overshadowed & Organic Masala Chai Tea  with aromatic notes of cinnamon and ginger.


Who doesn’t love something sweet? However, I try to find sweets that complement my other items in the basket. What better gift to go with tea or coffee than a quality Biscotti?

biscotti company almond

My favorite biscotti are made by The Biscotti Company out of New York (you can find them online here). They bake light and crispy biscotti combinations that are to die for! No tooth breakers here! Simply delicious biscotti that can be enjoyed with a hot beverage or by itself.


Self-CARE items are an integral part of the Hygge lifestyle. When we take care of ourselves, it makes us feel good. As we enter the holiday season, it means more indoor time, more stress, and more germs. Immune-boosting care items that are tasty and effective are a great addition to a Hygge basket. Some of my picks:

Energy Boosters

The holiday season takes energy. As much as we’d like days to be cozy and calm, the reality is we need to stay awake to do all the fun parts of the Hygge lifestyle! As it gets darker earlier, I personally need a little help to stay awake to craft, read, chat and watch fun movies. Thankfully Beekeeper’s Naturals and Steph Shep, founder of Future Earth, teamed up to create a functional matcha lozenge that delivers energy in a sustainable pouch made from PCR films – materials diverted from landfills. 

 Each lozenge contains ceremonial-grade Japanese matcha, propolis, honey, and 7.5mg of caffeine to give you the extra buzz you need to keep going strong and be environmentally conscious.

Immunity Support

Sambucol makes LOTS of elderberry products and they are one of the few who actually use cold-pressed elderberry. Many elderberry purveryors cook their syrups which breaks down the nutrients. Sambucol black elderberry has been used in clinical trials & shown to help support the immune system. Sambucol products provide natural herbal support for your family. If you think adding an elderberry syrup is odd in a gift basket, never fear – they make delicious gummies and my favorite, drink fizzies!

Luxury Hydration

NOW Supplements are fairly well known, but did you know they make skincare? One of my favorite skin rescues that is actually affordable and WORKS is the NOW Nourish Facial Oil. I used to think facial oils would make me breakout, but it’s been quite the opposite. After washing my face, I work in several drops of oil to my face and neck and my skin absolutely LOVES it.

facial oil is very hygge

Facial oils are ideal for daily use in dry climates, or anywhere during the winter months. at $14 a bottle it’s definitely a great value and a thoughtful item to add to a self-care Hygge basket. Now also sells an inexpensive Hyaluronic Acid , which helps firm skin and reduces fine lines. All of their products are vegan and cruelty free.

That Smells Good

Hygge means a cozy room with a view of trees or other nature inspired view. Warm scents with spices, or those that invoke nature like balsam fir and cedar are also cozy scents.  I love the concept of The Roosevelt Candles. Each candle is inspired from a National Park and each purchase plants a tree! You can choose from fun scents like Grand Tetons, Yellowstone or they produced a special Christmas Candle this year with  for fir trees, wassail and ciders, cinnamon and spices, and all of the logs on the fire! Perfection!

Something Vintage

Part of the allure of the Hygge lifestyle is allowing ourselves to indulge in a simpler time and for many of us, vintage or antique items warm our souls. If you love hitting up estate sales on weekends, you will often find amazing caches of vintage holiday decor. Faux powdered candy ornaments, mercury glass, slightly fuzzy elves and striped candy colored ribbons. I like to pick up fun things throughout the year and add a vintage ornament to my Hygge giftbaskets. The simple act of sustaining the life of something old also makes us part of a greater patchwork.

I found this cute little vintage twisty Santa at an estate sale this past weekend. I sent a picture to my neighbor and I can tell she loves it  and may be obsessed with it. She doesn’t know it yet, but it will be in her Hygge gift basket this year. There’s nothing better than matching something vintage with the perfect keeper!



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