ExpoWest: My Natural Personal Care Favs

ExpoWest: My Natural Personal Care Favs

There were so many new and innovative natural body/hygiene products at the Expo West, Natural Products show, but here are my personal favs that I’ve found. I’ve included their links so you may read more about these trend-setting companies in personal care.

Oral/Dental Care

Essential Care – They offer a full range of dental/oral care products but I adore their all natural mouthwash!

Vingt Healthy Edge – Infused with curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric – one of nature’s most powerful healers.Winter mint flavor, antioxidant whitening toothpaste formulated with natural ingredients, fluoride-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free

Oral Essentials – This California based dental care company also offers a full range of natural dental care products, but their white-strips make me so happy! I love white teeth but hate the sensitivity that comes with harsh bleaches. Their all-natural strips make teeth white with no sensitivity!

Breath Care

LivelyUpYourBreath – What a fun team at ExpoWest! So glad I was able to stop by their booth! No one wants to worry about their breath and we all care about what we consume. Unlike traditional products, like chewing gums and mints that claim to get rid of bad breath, all of our breath fresheners are made with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or other harmful ingredients. LivelyUp creates capsules and drops using organic essential oils! With the addition of chlorophyll, Lively Up Your Breath works by cleansing your body internally and removing bacteria which is the original cause of bad breath.


ALL Good Products – I LOVE Reef friendly sunscreens – The primary sun-blocking element is Non-Nano Zinc, which is mineral zinc oxide that is too big to cause reef damage. There’s also no harmful Oxybenzone! I was finally able to meet some of the team behind All Good products at Expo West – what a hoot! Although I have tried their sunscreen products and loved them, they just reformulated so I know it’s going to be even better! You may read my full write up here.  

Or, visit them online here  -ALL Good also has new deodorants, lip balms and other natural products coming out! – http://allgoodproducts.com/shop/natural-sunscreens/

Pain Relief

SoreNoMore – Sore No More analgesic begins to work immediately once massaged onto affected areas with its unique heating and cooling ingredients. Their special blend of six natural plant extracts in combination with menthol, capsaicin and witch hazel alleviate pain the natural way.

Cold Care/OTC Meds

Genexa – Sometimes I resort to chemical laden OTC cold meds and I feel horrible about it. That’s why I am super excited to learn about Genexa’s ORGANIC line of OTC meds – and they are offering just about everything from cold meds, allergy formulas to pain relief! Finally! I’m still hoping to check out more of their products. You can learn more about them here. 


Curoxen – This all-natural antibacterial BEATS Neosporin! The formula is also as natural as can be – olive extract, calendula and arnica! Therefore this formula is safe for EVERYONE To use! Check them out here. https://www.curoxen.com/safe-ingredients/


EarthMamaOrganics – Natural, organic deodorant that was created for pregnant or nursing moms who wanted something effective. However, it’s great for EVERYONE! My teen loves the scents! If you are sensitive to smells, no problem – there is an all natural – no scent version as well. They also make many other wonderful organic products for pregnant/new Moms! Learn more here. 

Honestly Phresh – These deodorants are aluminum-freeparaben-free and are made without baking soda or other harmful ingredients. They also smell amazing! Magnesium is a positively charged compound that will attack any gram neg or positive bacteria. These are the types of bacteria that cause odor. With the roll-on application, you also receive the benefits of transdermal absorption magnesium. Magnesium is a much-needed mineral with many health benefits.