ExpoWest Report: Addicted to Sugar? Try These Products

ExpoWest Report: Addicted to Sugar? Try These Products

One of my goals of ExpoWest 2018 was to look for snack bar products that were low in sugar. I like bars as easy on-to-go snacks for my family, but the added cane sugar drives me bat crazy! Truth be told, I’m not going to villanize fruit sugar. The main difference between natural and processed sugars is how each one delivers glucose and fructose. For example, fruits are not just fructose in different shapes. They also contain a pile of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. Whereas your typical table sugar doesn’t. Even at a Natural Product show, I found it challenging to find products that didn’t have additional cane sugar added.

The average American eats 150-170 pounds of sugar a year. Uh, GROSS. And, if you think you AREN’T eating that much, think again! 6 teaspoons of sugar equals 25 grams of sugar alone, which is the daily recommended limit. The average American eats over 82 grams of sugar! Yikes! We also often give our kids WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR on a daily basis.

Read some labels and add it up during the day, you’ll be shocked – even if you think you’re eating a ‘low sugar’ diet. It’s no wonder diabetes and heart disease are skyrocketing in our country.

However after many footsteps and sampling, here are a few notable standouts.


NUSH Bars – These baked treats taste great and they are also satisfying! They have a nice amount of fiber and protein to help a hungry stomach feel full, and extremely low sugar amounts.

They are under 2 grams of sugar, and the Coco Cake has NO Sugar. Flavors include Banana Nut Cake, Carrot Spice Cake, Cocoa Cake & Lemon Poppy Seed. These snacks are also Gluten-Free! I loved the Banana Nut Cake – tasted like fresh bananas and tied me over to dinner as an afternoon snack! Get more information here.

They are also available in 12 packs on Amazon. 


The next set of bars that I found are all across the spectrum in ‘call outs’. There’s the whole food ingredient bars, collagen, superfoods, gluten-free & protein rich. But what they ALL have in common is that they don’t ADD additional cane sugar.

Purely Elizabeth – Grain-free, seed/nut rich and only 6 grams of sugar (no cane sugar, but contains coconut sugar, which has a lower glycemic index)

RX Bar Kids – Great size for kids, pure ingredients and has 8 grams of sugar (sugar is from the date)

NEOCELL Collagen Cookie Bar  – Tasty, collagen/protein rich and low sugar to boot! (coming soon!) – 3 grams (coconut nectar) 

Nutty Goodness Pineapple Paradiso – It’s Fruit + Nuts. Can’t get much more basic than that! Absolutely delicious & only 7 grams of sugar (from fruit only)



Ok, so you’re armed with low sugar snacks, but your brain is demanding a pint of ice cream. For those who struggle with sugar, or sugar portion control, here are two innovative products that help with the sugar craving!

Sweet Defeat  If you’re having a hard time turning off the teeth tooth, try a Sweet Defeat lozenge. As Sweet Defeat dissolves on your tongue, the patented formula binds to sugar-craving taste buds to suppress sweet taste and curb cravings in seconds. Best of all, Sweet Defeat is made from only natural ingredients: gymnema, zinc, sorbitol, and mint.

Sweet Defeat is currently running a 7-day #SugarFreeChallenge with a chance to prizes for those who participate on social media! Check out the deets on their site.

Crave Stop – This was in my New Hope Blogger Box. Sadly I was unable to visit the REDD Remedies booth at Expo West (the show was j u s t  . s o . h u g e )  Crave Stop is an award-winning, potent blend of minerals and herbs that help you manage sugar cravings and supports a healthy appetite.


InSea2® is a blend of natural polyphenols from 2 wildcrafted brown seaweeds that supports healthy blood sugar levels after meals.  This non-GMO ingredient works in the gut on 2 pathways before sugars and starches can reach the blood stream.  By focusing on the “In-Phase”, InSea2® can interrupt the sugar and starch pathway in the digestive tract before they even have a chance to affect the brain and body.  In simple terms, InSea2® closes the door on sugar and starches.

Crominex® 3+ – a complex of amla berry and Himalayan Shilajit – provides the body with chromium, a mineral necessary to support healthy blood sugar levels.

Our Healthy Appetite Blend of Gymnema sylvestre and American ginseng help you manage sugar cravings by supporting pancreatic health and supporting the body’s natural defense against stress, a common trigger of sugar cravings.