Bring the Tropics to your Yard DIY

Bring the Tropics to your Yard DIY

As I’m really starting to miss travel, I find myself thinking back to a recent tropical vacation.  If you’re also drawn to the magic and the beauty of places like the Caribbean and Central America then you could always bring the magic to your own garden, right?

Transform your garden space, from well maintained shaped trees and greenery to colorful décor and decking, you can re-create a dreamlike tropical hideaway – your own paradise – just a step away. Here, you’ll find all the essentials you’ll need.   

Bring in all the elements

Combining the four elements – earth, air, fire and water will support your tranquil space and add its own touch of magic into the environment. Stone foundations, water features, and a fire pit table create the feeling of relaxation, while still providing warmth and coziness.

Build a birdbath or a pond with a stone waterfall and incorporate some tropical looking trees such as orchids into your landscaping.  Think bright and vibrant colors, think bright colors to make a true statement!

Bring in some decking

A well-designed deck will maximize the outdoor living area of your landscape and be the perfect area for relaxing or dining in. The wood you use in your deck will offer a natural textural contrast with the rest of your tropical paradise and transform the space into a beautiful retreat. If you like playful designs, consider curving your space by creating different designs in the deck flooring. This will add a little character to your backyard too.

Teak, teak, teak!

Spruce up your deck and garden area by adding teak or rattan patio furniture with bright colored upholstery. These will easily provide a relaxing space to enjoy the scenery of dazzling colors. Bamboo, cane and rattan furniture add earthy tones that are renowned throughout those tropical rainforests. Invest in some large, floor-style cushions for guests to enjoy, or even a rug to add a homey vibe. A colorful hammock can be the perfect addition to your personal paradise too and complete that tropical theme look! Adding hammocks is another fun inexpensive item to add to make your retreat seem like a vacation.

Bamboo fencing

Your backyard won’t feel like your own private paradise if you have prying neighbors peering in! So, adequate fencing and tall greenery will ensure the space really feels hidden away. Perfect for these privacy considerations, bamboo fencing will add a tropical charm to your yard.


Candles, colorful lanterns and torchers are all ideal for adding that tropical character and jungle feel to your outdoor space. Use simple tea light candles in jars to line a pathway or string garden lights around trees and low plants. Citronella or gas powered Tiki torchers will light the way whilst keeping the flies and wasps at bay too.

If you have umbrellas erected in your tropical paradise, then stick with the bright colorful theme. At night, these umbrellas can be decorated with fairy lights to add a magical perk to those deck parties!