Spruce up your outdoor landscaping for spring

Spruce up your outdoor landscaping for spring

If you’ve got a garden or yard that could benefit from a bit of improvement, now is a great time to give it a makeover.  However, some gardens can become a bit too manicured or flat once they’ve been tidied up and growth cut back.  If you’re keen to landscape your garden to create a more natural space, then here’s some ideas that you may find fruitful.

Stick to natural materials

When you’re trying to landscape a more natural-looking garden, using natural materials is a must. Using wood and stone, rather than concrete, metal and glass, will keep your hard areas feeling natural.  

Paths can look more natural if you avoid straight lines and use gravel or wooden boardwalk instead of concrete slabs.  You may want to give your boundary a softer look too.  Going for a rustic woven fence rather than a contemporary fence installation, is one simple way to do this.  

Adding more green spaces

If your garden is currently short on green spaces, there are lots of tricks you can try to add a bit of extra planting.  Green or living roofs can be added to sheds, garages or single-storey flat-roofs.  Growing plants up and over unsightly walls is easy to do with a simple trellis and evergreen climbing plants.

If you like growing upwards, adding a wooden pergola will provide another opportunity for plants to climb and spread in a natural-looking way.

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Natural planting

What you plant and where, is going to make a significant impact on how your outdoor space looks.  Manicured lawns and hedges, and regimented planting of flowers will create too formal a space.  So, why not mix it up a bit?  Look for native plants that grow to a variety of different heights.  Pick species with different leaf shapes and flower colors to create a more natural garden.

Grow your kitchen ingredients

Finally, if you’re keen on healthy eating and like fresh ingredients, then perhaps it’s time to have a go at growing your own?  Small herb gardens are probably the easiest for beginners.  However, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not create a veg patch?  This is one area of your garden that it’s great to get the whole family involved with.

Use recycled wood to create raised beds for planting your vegetables, and use natural wooden poles or branches to form frames for your beans, peas and tomatoes to grow up.

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