Girls Night Idea: Favorite Things Party

Girls Night Idea: Favorite Things Party

A ‘Favorite Things’ party is a super fun idea for a Girls Night and best of all, everyone goes home with presents!

Here are the basic instructions:

Choose one of your favorite things that costs $10 or less (as an sample budget – you could go higher or lower). For example, pick a favorite lip gloss and then buy four of that item. You do not wrap them, but feel free to decorate or put a ribbon or bow. There is no need to put a name tag on the 4 things. The hostess may have a name card for you to place with your gifts, or it’s anonymous and you can guess who brought what.

When guests arrive at the party, they are assigned a color (solid colored beaded necklaces work great). This will later determine shopping order. The hostess will let you know when ‘your color’ is up and it’s time to shop for new goodies! For example, the ‘Red’ group of ladies would go first and choose two new things . Then the next color card group goes, and so on. After everyone has had a turn, the hostess will reverse color card order and take turns shopping for another two things. Each guest goes home with four new gifts! You can decide how many items your guests bring. I just went to a Favorite Things party where we brought SIX items (3 of each).

Some parties go overboard and do eight items! Just try to remember that you want to have a party where the shop budget is comfortable for everyone. For me, the more choices, the better!

How to Shop for Your Favorite Thing

For my first Favorite Thing Party, I was a little overwhelmed as to WHAT my favorite thing was exactly. I mean, how could I possibly pick just one?  Considering that my item had to be $10 or less, the budget helped narrow down the field (and put less stress on my wallet!)

I made a list of general things I like and items I often buy for myself.  I narrowed my favs down to good food, entertaining and home decor. Things on my splurge list: candles, make-up and pretty much anything from Home Goods.

Since Home Goods is the mother-land of all that is beautiful and awesome for home entertaining and decor, I thought I’d start there. Needless to say, I tried to buy things for this party, but quickly got distracted and ended up in the pet bed section. What the heck.  Focus! Focus! After floating through the dishware department, I found a whole section of fancy cake stands. Wouldn’t it be cool to serve all meals upon statuesque cake stands? Thankfully Home Goods had four matching 8″ silver and glass stands for only $9.99 each!

My Pretty Cake Stands from Home Goods – Discount Home Stores are a great place to get more bang for your buck.

I put the stands in white cake boxes with a little tissue paper and attached a ribbon just on the top lid so the ladies could peak inside the box.

The hostess provided these cute gift bags with name tags on them for guests to put their goodies in!


Favorite Things Inspiration: Other cute gifts that guests brought to the party!

Here are pictures of other great gift items that the ladies brought! I can’t believe these were all $10 or less items!

Popular items: decor, coffee, wine, bath and body products, chocolates and functional things like cute umbrellas!

I brought cozy throw blankets & candles at the recent Favorite Things Party – The blankets were actually scored from Macy’s during their online Black Friday Sale. Yes, I plan ahead. 

This is such a fun party! Everyone leaves with great loot and it’s so fun to see what everyone brings.

I now scope for awesome deals throughout the year – just for this party!





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