Healthy Fast Meals with Wildscape

Healthy Fast Meals with Wildscape
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I recently had the opportunity to sample some varieties of the Wildscape meals. These Frozen gourmet meals come in six different varieties, and two being gluten-free and two are vegetarian.

Wildscape vegetarian meal
They are made with natural real food ingredients and are wonderfully spiced. Wildscape Meals are created with ingredients you can recognize by sight and by name – no funky chemicals or preservatives.
It took about 5-1/2 minutes to microwave one container of food. The meal may be microwaved in the actual container it comes in, however I prefer to just dump it in a microwave safe dish and heat from there. The container is very sturdy, recyclable and resealable. They are actually great little containers to reuse for other purposes.
Wildscape quinoa meal
We sampled the two vegetarian options at our family dinner – Gochujang Cauliflower and Peri Peri Portobellos. Both  Wildscape vegetarian options had a fair amount of heat to them, which was great because our family loves a little spice. I love that Wildscapes uses healthy nutrient dense grains and beans such as quinoa, barley, red beans and garbanzos.
The meals were satisfying, filling and best of all healthy for my family. As it’s summer time, it really is too hot to cook so these were so welcomed in our household!
We also had neighbors over one night, so we prepared the two chicken varieties, as my daughter and I don’t eat meat. Their meat recipes contain natural beef, antibiotic free chicken, and the ingredients are purposely layered to hold their texture when cooking in the  microwave.
My guests loved the Wildscape meals with the Lime Chicken variety being their favorite. And, all I had to do was simply microwave the meals!! Talk about easy entertaining!
These meals typically retail for $5.99
Wildscape meals available at fresh Market
Wildscape Meal can be found at the following retailers: H-E-B, Publix, Harris Teeter, Fresh Market, and AmazonFresh. For Florida and Georgia residents, while Wildscape is available at Publix, Fresh Market carries all six varieties, making it the preferred grocer.