Food Science: Cutting Edge Gluten-Allergy Products You Need To Know About

Food Science: Cutting Edge Gluten-Allergy Products You Need To Know About

What if you have celiac disease and you accidentally ate gluten? 

I’ve discovered some new products from the recent Gluten Free Expo that will answer ALL of these questions AND offer solutions. Recent advances in Food Science and Technology have grown by leaps in bounds in the past decades. When I was at Cal Poly S.L.O. eons ago getting my bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science, I remember creating menu plans for those with celiacs, usually for a hospital setting. I don’t remember delving too deeply into the subject because the percentage of people with a gluten allergy was so small (less than 1%). So basically, my advice way back then was, ‘Don’t eat bread.’ I know, super helpful.


For those who have Celiacs disease and must follow a gluten-free lifestyle, your life is basically impossible. Inevitably some gluten is going to sneak into your meal somehow, even by accident. Well-meaning home chefs may not understand what does and doesn’t have gluten in it, or perhaps a restaurant doesn’t disclose all of their ingredients. Now those with Celiacs can breathe a little easier with the Gluten Free-er product!

The Gluten Free-er pill is a full spectrum plant based digestive enzyme that supports healthy digestion. It contains Tolerase G which degrades gluten in the human gastrointestinal tract. Therefore if you know you’re attending a party with suspicious food, you can take one tab about 20 minutes in advance. Never fear, you can always take one after an ‘oops’ consumption of gluten, but it’s just more effective to be proactive when possible.

The Gluten Free-er caps are available on Amazon here.


The Gluten Detective guys were also at the Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Expo in San Diego. Their at-home test is the first and only rapid urine/stool tests to monitor compliance with the gluten-free diet.

Is it accurate? I’d say so – The molecule on which the test is based is proven to be >96% specific for gluten fragments and each test is 90-95+% reliable within their respective time windows and limits of detection (i.e. 2 bites of bread in past day for urine test OR crumb of bread over previous days for stool test). The Gluten Detective is an in-home test that anyone can do. This is a a low-cost test and involves no doctor visit.

These tests are great for those who eat out often and are told their choices are gluten-free, or great for kids where you’re just not sure what the heck they are eating during the day (school, parties, friends).

If you DO test positive for gluten and you’re not sure why, the Gluten Detectives have a very helpful section on their website that provides information on diets, research, support groups, medical centers and more.  They also have a section that will tell you common gluten sources or cross-contamination. 

The at-home tests are available here: 

This was not a paid article. The opinions and information is that of my own.