10 Ways To Green Up Your Day

10 Ways To Green Up Your Day

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Making healthy choices in the New Year has not only been expressed in how I eat, but how I live my life as well.  Gravitating towards more natural products and energy conservation on a daily basis creates a healthier household and ultimately a healthier planet. That’s why I love Tom’s of Maine® new partnership with Mind Body Green to show people how to bring a natural focus to their life, whether it be in fitness, health, and most importantly personal care.

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The easy changes that we have made in our household translate into to a greener planet and have actually saved us some green ($) as well!

How to Green Up Your Day

1. Good Morning!

We brush our teeth with Tom’s of Maine® Antiplaque & Whitening formula. Not only is it effective and refreshing with the fresh taste of spearmint, but we love how Tom’s of Maine® is a good steward of the planet and strives to reduce waste through recycled content, recycling, and biodegradability.

All Tom’s of Maine® packaging is recyclable through TerraCycle®. Visit www.tomsofmaine.com/terracycle to learn how.

2. Reusable Bags – Don’t just own them, use them!

One of the most challenging issues with reusable bags is to remember to get them from the house to the car, and inside the store. Most of us have a nice collection of reusable bags by now, but often we forget to bring them. My best tip – get a large four-sided bag (like the one below) and stuff it full of soft cotton reusable bags. Hang the large bag on your front door knob. It’s impossible to miss on the way out to the market!

When you enter your car, place the big upright bag in your passenger front seat (if no one is in it). It’s another great reminder when you get to the store to bring them in with you! Having a nice stash of bags with me allows me to make multiple runs to different stores and have bags for each stop.

3. Shop Local

It’s great to give local businesses your shopping money, but it’s also important to see where your food is coming from. Did it come from your hometown? Your state? Your country? When buying produce and flowers, try to buy as local as possible. Locally sourced fruits and vegetables don’t have to travel far, so their transportation path leaves a softer footprint on our planet.

Obviously, tropical fruits like bananas aren’t going to be locally sourced, but I’m often amazed how many vegetables and fruits that the US can grow are actually coming in from places like Chile or Peru. Make conscious decisions about the path your food takes to your table.

4. Eau De Toilette

Does your toilet run?  It may seem harmless enough, but a toilet running even ‘just a bit’, could be a big drain on your monthly water bill and ultimately waste a precious resource. A running toilet could be an additional $70 per month or almost an extra $1,000 a month in wasted water and wasted money! A simple rubber toilet valve replacement kit (under $20) could prevent this and is a good thing to check on a yearly basis, especially if you notice your water bill suddenly going up.

5. Garden for Good

Planting drought resistance plants will save water and save your wallet.  There are so many great succulents, drought-resistant bushes and ground cover varietals, that’s is easier than ever to get away from a water-hog lawn. Many drought resistant flowering plants are also great pollinators. Pollinator plants will attract bees and butterflies and ensure that our flowering and fruit producing future stays healthy. 

Humans and other animals rely on pollinators to produce nuts and fruits that are essential components of a healthy diet, so it’s by planting pollinators, you are doing your part to support local agriculture!

6. Lights Outs

Exiting rooms without turning off lights has been a challenge in our household. The most effective tool we have found is scheduling lights with timers and even smart plugs. We now have lights on in rooms when we know we will be in them, and schedule them to go off when we know we are typically away. We no longer have to point fingers at bedtime (who forgot to turn off living room lights) and can have lights turn off automatically in rooms when the sun is bright enough mid-morning and the need for artificial light is gone.

7. LED Lights

We have just completed the big ‘switchout’. Having recessed bulbs in every room of our home has not only been pricey, but they were also burning out too quickly.  The switch to LED bulbs means that we rarely have to change one, but we are also saving a ton of money on our lighting bill.

If you have big floodlamp lights in your home, consider replacing them with the new LED bulbs. One 9W LED bulb equals the brightness of a 65W Floodlamp. They also last 25,000 hours! Energy cost per bulb for a whole year is only $1.08!

8. Vampire Energy

A vampire appliance is one that you are not actively using, but leave plugged in. This device or appliance quietly sucks energy and contributes to a fat energy bill every month. I like to do a vampire energy check in my house on a monthly basis. I’m always horrified about what is left on! The worst offenders are game systems. They will get plugged in on the weekend, get used for about an hour, and then remain plugged in for the rest of the month sucking away on energy! Other small appliances like toasters, toaster ovens, and coffee makers also get used maybe once a day and never get unplugged. Remember, even if they aren’t actively being used, they still consume power!

9. Our Choices Matter

I love using the New Tom’s of Maine® Orange Blossom Bar Soap for an evening shower. The fresh citrus scent is dreamy, and I love that Tom’s of Maine® products never use artificial colors, flavors, fragrances, preservatives or animal testing. Just knowing that I can bathe without artificial chemicals going down my drain, gives me peace of mind. Tom’s of Maine® has been a trusted name in natural for over 48 years!

Toms of Maine Orange Blossom Soap


10. The Short Path

When washing my face at night, I used to have to run the faucet for what seemed like an eternity to get HOT water. The water heater was on the other side of the house, so thinking about all the wasted water used over the years made me feel ill. An easy remedy, and actually much more cost-effective that I had imagined, was to install an ‘instant-hot’ tankless water heater next to my bathroom. Now warm water doesn’t have to travel around a long pipe maze in my home to reach me. We are also big on ‘use what you need’. When we brush our teeth, the faucets are turned off which the scrubbing action is happening. When we wash hands and faces, water is used for rinsing, but not left on continuously.

I found all of my Tom’s of Maine® personal care products at Whole Foods. Make sure to look for their new line of yummy scented soaps in the Whole Body section!

Tom’s of Maine® has a brand new updated website! www.tomsofmaine.com

What steps are you taking to Green Up Your day? Comment below!