Have a Plastic-free Party with Edible Spoons

Have a Plastic-free Party with Edible Spoons

If you’re having family or friends over for a socially distanced backyard Halloween or Fall gathering, you’re most likely looking to buy single-use plastics to keep things extra sanitary and easy. Sadly Covid-19 has resurrected the use of single-use plastics and the pandemic is also threatening hard-fought victories that restricted or eliminated single-use disposable items, especially plastics, in cities across the country. Thankfully, incrEdible Spoons now offers delicious edible spoons that you eat after use.

Offered in both savory and sweet flavors (Chocolate, Vanilla, Oregano Chili and Pepper), these vegan durable edible spoons are a great way to ditch the plastic! The chocolate and vanilla spoons also come in a small size, so they are perfect for ice cream parties.

To host some plastic-free socially distanced fun, consider using unwaxed biodegradable paper bowls and buy the incrEdible Spoons on Amazon. Not only is the cleanup easy with minimal germ exposure, but kids absolutely LOVE to eat their edible flavored spoons after they eat their treats!

If serving ice cream, put the spoons in the freezer for a few hours prior to use. Although these spoons are thick and strong, the freezer will give them a bit more strength which is ideal for ice cream eating.

The edible spoons are made with a proprietary blend of wheat, oat, corn, chickpea, and brown rice and they are not overly flavored and will not interfere with the flavors of what you’re eating!

large vanilla edible spoon

Hosting an outdoor adult gathering? Spiced butternut squash soup in paper bowls, or a hearty vegetarian chili pair really well with the savory Incredible Spoon Oregano Chili or Pepper flavors. Yum! Here is my homemade vegetarian chili paired with the delicious black pepper incrEdible Spoon.

plastic free party

91% of compostable and bio-degradable tableware STILL end up in the land-fill. What is even more horrifying is that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans (by weight)! The incrEdible Spoons company also truly CARES about the environment and their community. Not only do they upcycle their waste products into farm feed, employ and pay women in India at an above average pay rate, but they offset their carbon shipping emissions by planting thousands of trees.

incredible edible spoons vegan

Turn your next gathering into a plastic-free event! Find incrEdible Spoons Online here! 


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