Bird House from a Cigar Box

Bird House from a Cigar Box

This is a great project to do with the kids. I can often find cigar boxes at thrift stores and I usually pay about $2 or $3 each. As the goal should be for a bird to actually go inside the birdhouse, look for boxes that are spacious. The flat style with a lid cigar box won’t work for this project. Look for boxes that have a slider lid.

You will also need:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hole Saw (if you don’t own one, ask a neighbor and see if you can borrow one.)
  • Drill
  • Paint & Misc. hardware for decor

Try and identify a solid place to use the hole saw and make the entry for the bird in the center. Don’t make it too small, or you’ll have a hard time attaching the perch.

After the hole is made, look in those messy storage drawers and see what you can find to make your bird comfy. I have all sorts of random drawer knobs. Not exactly sure where they came from, but yet here they are. The knobs make a great perch.

Drill a hole about an inch down from the bottom of your bird entry hole and attach the knob.

Finally, let your kids help decorate with a glue gun (assist as needed). Items that will bind well with glue will work best. Wood, metal and hard plastic trinkets will weather the best. Some kids will fall in love with their avian creation and want to keep it inside. I like the natural look of the box, but some may choose to paint or whitewash theirs.

For those who do want to display it outside, drill a small hole in the top to attach a wire or thick twine rope. The easiest way is to knot a loop of twine and feed it up through that bird entry hole (knot side down) through the drilled hole at the top of the box.


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