Horse Cork Ornament

Horse Cork Ornament

I was wine tasting the other day, and spotted a friendly little horse ornament made out of corks on the sales counter.  I have no shortage of corks at home and for some reason, they keep multiplying in my kitchen.

I snapped a quick stealthy phone picture of their horse and here is what I came up with in my own twist.
Although you can glue the legs directly on ‘as is’, I found it easier to shave both the sides off the front and back so the cork legs will sit flush. Other than that, you can shave the ‘neck’ at an angle as well (about 30 degrees) and glue the head on so it’s angled down.

Some sites show this ornament with yarn as the mane and tail. I used colored wool felt, as I have a huge bag of multi-colors in my craft room, so it was handy. My horseys came out with some big hair…so it’s really your preference. I also liked my little guys to have some duds, so I made him a felt (flat sheet felt) saddle and bridle strap.

Googley eyes are cute, or you could use little round push pins for eyes, or draw on the cork. Hot glue a string ( I hid mine under the saddle blanket), and wa la – a super cute, easy & cheap horse ornament from wine corks. This is a great gift if you go wine tasting with friends. Save the corks, and then create this equine masterpiece as a gift when the time comes.

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