Fun Father’s Day Idea – Chin Creature Show!

Fun Father’s Day Idea – Chin Creature Show!

I am doing a dinner for my husband, and for my Dad on Father’s Day. While I am busy doing the last-minute food preparations, my daughter will be performing the Father’s Day Entertainment.

This is so easy, and it’s something that kids will want to do.

Turn your child’s chin into a “Chin Creature”

Remember, your child will be ‘upside down’ when doing the show, so make sure to place the eyes and nose on the child’s chin in the right order. It’s also adviseable to have your child brush his or her teeth before the show. This morning’s Cheerios add nothing to the entertainment.

Paint eyes, or use a body-friend adhesive and attach ‘googly’ eyes to your child’s chin. Between the eyes you have painted/affixed, add a ‘nose’ . You can use lipstick or eye-liners to embellish. Add eye-brows, mustache, freckles, rosy cheeks – use your imagination to make a cool Chin Creature.

After you have created your child’s chin creature, have them lay down on the floor or a sofa, and drape a sheet or thin towel to cover everything on the face BUT your child’s mouth and chin.

You will now see your ‘Chin Creature’. Have your child practice a song and funny mouth movements like sticking out their tongue, showing a big cheesey chin grin, pressing lips together to make funny smacking noises. All will be great effects to add into a show!

If possible, video tape this. Every time my daughter does this I laugh so hard that tears stream down my face! I hope she does it at her wedding. 

Enjoy & if you do this, please send me your videos! Link, youtube, etc.

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