Green Gift Giving Guide for the Christmas Holiday Season 2021

Green Gift Giving Guide for the Christmas Holiday Season 2021

It’s that time of year again! I’ve been curating some fun picks that are useful (my number one rule of gift giving), clever and kind to our earth.

Green Up Boxes

I love boxes that combine a variety of items because it takes all the guesswork away and they come in one nice tidy package. Here is a GreenUp Box that I recently received and every single thing inside of it is useful and needed! I received some awesome telescoping metal straws with handy bag, reusuable ‘ziplock’ bag (great for snacks!), mesh-produce bags (bye-bye plastic!), resuable cutlery, bamboo bento box and more! Definitely worth way more than the cost of the box. Right now you can get Get 3 full-size free gifts when you join the annual plan. This offer is valid while supplies last.

OLIKA – The Perfect Stocking Stuffers!

These adorable bird hand sanitizers are Refillable & Recyclable! This sleek design also has a hydrating formula that won’t dry out your hands.

olika hand sanitizer

Save up to 60% with their stocking stuffer sets. 

Hydroponic Farm Stand

This is a pricey item, but I have MANY friends and family who are eyeing this Lettuce Grow hydroponic stand. I’ve been enjoying my stand for over 6 months now and just ordered more plants. It’s so addicting to grow beautiful heirloom food so easily! You can start with a smaller stand and then tiers may be added later, so that would help save on the initial cost. In addition to the stand, I recommend buying the starter plant nutrients, but you don’t necessarily need to buy the plants just yet. Let your gift recipient choose their own plant assortment (it’s SO FUN!) after they set up the stand.


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Click here to visit the Lettuce Grow website. 


Cocktail Lovers – where ya at?

Haus creates better products for the modern drinker. Its apéritifs are crafted with real fruits, herbs, and botanicals in Sonoma, CA. They’re complex in flavor but lighter in alcohol, so you can enjoy the ritual of drinking without the consequences. They are also made with NATURAL ingredients – no funky stuff. The flavors come from their carefully gathered fruits, flowers and herbs.
haus group hero final
So fancy and SUCH a beautiful gift! The bottles are glass, so you may recycle them, but they are so pretty – pop a flower or two in the glass bottles after you’ve enjoyed a cocktail. Sign up for their newsletter and get up to 25% off! 

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