Give the Gift of Cleaner Air in Your Home with Okaysou

Give the Gift of Cleaner Air in Your Home with Okaysou

I live in a coastal climate that is damp and our homes are notorious for having moisture and mold issues. I’ve found the best way to combat mold and allergens in a less than perfect living situation is to follow some simple tips:

  • Never hang towels, umbrellas, wet shoes, or any other item that needs to dry in a closet or behind a closed door.  Closed off spaces are not aerated enough and it will absolutely become a mold issue.
  • Open closet doors to air and use a dehumidifier if possible.
  • On sunny days, open windows and backyard doors to allow fresh air to come in.
  • If you have a pet, vacuum and clean bedding often to keep dander and hair to a minimum.

Finally, a good quality air purifier is a must for bedrooms and other small spaces with poor ventilation such as offices. Air Purifiers come in different sizes based on the room square footage and are surprisingly quiet. I actually LOVE my Okaysou Air Purifier at night because it acts like white noise. Even my dog sleeps better when it’s running!

The Okaysou Cayman 608 Air Purifier for Home is a higher grade H13 True HEPA Filter. This means that this smaller but mighty air purifier gets rid of odors and removes 99.97% Dust Smoke Pollen. Enjoy fresh air in 10 minutes as the Okaysou Cayman 608 air purifier features a high CADR of 260 and 360° air intake. This means that this air cleaner purifies spaces up to 1,000 sq ft in one hour, 600 sq ft in 30 minutes, 300 sq ft in 15 minutes! It’s also a super value at only $99. You may find it on their website here or on Amazon.

When you receive your Okaysou Air Purifier, unscrew the bottom lid and make sure to remove the plastic bag around the air filter.

The replacement filters are available on their website or on Amazon. I replace mine about every 5-6 months, unless it’s had some very heavy use (like a wildfire in the area). I’m always shocked and somewhat grossed out when I changed the filter to see what it’s been pulling out of the air in my home!

The Okaysou Air Purifier is a great holiday gift idea for ANY family member who suffers from allergies, especially for kids coming home  from college where their room has been ‘sitting empty’ for an extended period of time.


Sponsor Notice: Okaysou provided the Cayman unit for review. I am a regular Okaysou user however for years, and buy the replacement filters on a regular basis.