How To Make Your Family Home Safer

How To Make Your Family Home Safer

A home is a place from which kids learn many things as they grow up. This is also where they get to experience love, care, and comfort. It’s no secret that I perceive my home as a safe abode in which I can comfortably raise my kids devoid of any hazards. However, children have a way of finding danger from the weirdest of places, which is why I find it extremely important to make my home childproof. Below are some surefire ideas that have significantly facilitated my efforts to ensure the safety of my kids while at home.

Keeping all Cleaning Products out of Children’s Reach

Most cleaning products are comprised of chemicals that can be fatal if ingested. To keep my kids safe, I constantly check to confirm that all the cleaning products in my house are out of the children’s’ reach. Also, I have installed lockable doors on all my cabinets, and I always keep them locked. This is in addition to ensuring that my cleaning detergents and bleach are not stored in the kitchen in response to my well-founded fear that one of my kids might mistake them for food or drinks. I find my laundry room as a safer place for storing and locking away my cleaning products as opposed to the kitchen.

Adhering to General Kitchen’s Safety Tips

The kitchen is arguably the heart of the home. It’s also the one place in which kids can injure themselves the most through burns, cuts or even tripping and falling. From boiling liquids to sharp objects, risky activities occur in the kitchen, making it extremely essential to find ways to make it a safe place. Even though I never leave cooking food unattended, I always ensure that to turn the pot handles towards the back of the stove. I also keep my knives locked away inside cabinets and drawers.

Moreover, I don’t allow small refrigerator magnets into my kitchen. This is because they pose a choking hazard for my toddlers. For extra safety, I teach my kids to respect the kitchen and to avoid playing with fire.

Ensuring Safety in the Bathroom

With so much water around, the chances of slipping and falling in the bathrooms are greatly elevated. As such, my bathtubs have non-slip stickers that prevent my family members from slipping when getting in and out of the tub. My bathrooms are also equipped with water absorbent mats on which people dry their feet when stepping out of the shower. This lowers the chances of slipping and falling accidents that would otherwise occur when walking on tiles. I’m also aware that my grooming items like razors and shaving creams present a real danger to my kids. I, therefore, always ensure to lock them away in high cabinets. This is in addition to ensuring that all my pills are safely secured in childproof medication cases.

Exercising Caution around Water

Before embarking on bathing my young children, I first address any pending chores that might otherwise disrupt me in the middle of the process. This ensures that I never need to leave my kids in the shower. Children love splashing water and while it’s fun, drowning in tubs is not unusual. Also, I always ensure that the water levels in the swimming pool never go above the waistline of the shortest kid. Besides, I don’t leave my kids in the swimming pool unattended.

Installing Smoke Alarms

Fires are some of the most dangerous home hazards, and as much as we try to prevent them, sometimes they’re inevitable. For this reason, I have ensured that my house has working fire alarms. I have also taught my kids to leave the house through the nearest door when the fire alarm goes off. Since carbon dioxide and monoxide have no color or odor, I have also installed gas sensors throughout my house. Furnaces, electrical switches or heaters might produce hazardous gases, and excessive leakage can potentially cause an explosion. Installing these alarms allows me to rest assured that my kids are safe.

Ensuring Safety in the Sleeping Areas

When my children were infants, I always made sure that their cribs were as bare as they could possibly be. This is because too many soft pillows, stuffed dolls, bed covers, and blankets can cause accidental suffocation. I also made sure that the baby’s blanket was tucked at the sides and bottom to make it look like a pocket. During cold weather, I always dressed my babies in slacks instead of adding more blankets in their crib.

Putting a roof over the kids’ heads is among the most vital responsibilities for every parent. While it gives our kids a haven to which they retire after school, homes can also harbor hidden dangers. For this reason, I find it imperative to visit websites for home improvements, like Veranda Interiors to learn invaluable tips for improving my dwelling. Such sites also help me to discover incredible methods of enhancing my children’s safety while they are at home.