Natural Body Care for Teen Boys

Natural Body Care for Teen Boys

Ok, Moms and Dads – it’s no secret that your active pre-teen and teen boys are smelly. You know the cringeworthy smell that I’m talking about from sports gear, socks, and that hidden sweatshirt you find in the back of your car while searching for the source of something that has possibly died. Kids sweat and that stink is completely natural! But how do you get your teens to use natural body care products that are effective against the funk and healthy for them?

This post is sponsored by Prep-U, but the opinions are that of my own. 

Good hygiene starts with a healthy conversation and great products.

I fell in love with the Prep U line of natural body care products at the Expo West Natural Products Show because they are specifically crafted for teen boys with all-natural, yet effective ingredients. The complete line of products has an awesome citrusy herbal scent which smells fresh and clean, unlike some of the overpowering men’s products out there. Days past, I remember boys dousing themselves with Polo cologne to cover up their stink from P.E. class – leaving the rest of us wretching in a classroom, gasping as we tried to find molecules of clean oxygen left in a room. Prep U uses CLEAN natural ingredients that are effective against body bacteria that feed on sweat, causing foul body odor.

Some Key Ingredients in the Prep U Natural Body Care Line:

Coconut Oil – a natural antibacterial that helps kill fungi, yeasts, and bacteria. And an extra bonus, it heals damaged skin as it promotes the production of collagen and the generation of new skin cells.

Shea Butter –  is an excellent daily moisturizer for face and body. It also smoothes skin as it aids in the collagen production and contains the right acids that protect and nourish skin to prevent drying. Those with acne benefit as it also acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Activated Charcoal –  has super absorptive micro-particles that are negatively charged – attracting bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and oils. This all-natural wonder works as a remarkable cleanser as it exfoliates to remove dead skin, helping achieve a flawless complexion and smooth skin to fight acne without the over-drying of common skincare.

Did you know good hygiene also boosts confidence?

Despite that air of funk that says, “I don’t care…”, boys do actually care about body odor and their skin.  If teenagers feel self-conscious about their bodies, it can affect their confidence overall and how they feel about themselves.

The Prep U natural and charcoal deodorants are the PERFECT size to throw in a backpack, and the stick formula is easy to use before and after sports at school.

Teens fighting acne breakouts will love the Prep U charcoal face scrub and charcoal body soap. It’s zit zapping charcoal formula will wipe out any dirt and oil build-up from the day.

Prep U even offers a cool looking bagged gift set for the tween boy who is learning about the importance of good body care.

The Prep U Active Dry Powder is genius and needs to be a staple in any sports bags. Use this refreshing blend on equipment, damp athletic gear, shoes, socks or to protect those areas most impacted by leg-to-leg friction.

natural body care products for teen boys

Prep U also offers other amazing products such as a Citrus Mint Sport Soak, perfect for sore muscles after a long workout, body sprays for quick refreshers while out an about, and body wash. Getting your teen boy to use quality products such as the Prep U body care line is a gentle way to say I love you, I care about your health and our planet (by not buying garbage chemical-laden products), and that smelling funky is not hunky.

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