Must Have Experiences For Every Type Of Traveller 

Must Have Experiences For Every Type Of Traveller 

If travel is your first love, there are some experiences you must have in this lifetime. From the raw beauty of nature to manmade marvels, there is so much to see and experience around us. Travel is a force for good and it will allow you to connect with different communities and cultures. It is also a way of educating yourself and learning about how others live. Whether you are traveling solo or with family, here are a few must-have experiences you shouldn’t miss out on. 

Cruise the Galápagos Island 

When in Ecuador, take the cruise and watch the incredible marine life at the Galápagos Island. One moment you will get to see giant tortoises mating and in the next moment, you will be nose-to-nose with a marine iguana. Its neighboring islands have also developed differently and it leads to the world-changing discoveries known as evolution. If you enjoy exploring marine life, you must explore the island. The best way to explore is by boat but you can also try the three or four-night cruises that are easily available.

Meet sloths and turtles in Costa Rica 

A popular tourist destination, Costa Rica attracts people from across the world. Tortuguero is a place in the north of the Caribbean Coast. You can visit a beach at night and you could spot the two-metre leatherback, hawksbill, loggerhead, or the green sea turtles. The marine life sighting will depend on the time of the year. If you want to see Olive Ridley, you need to visit the Pacific Coast between July to February. You can also see the brown-throated sloth and the two-toed sloth on the Osa Peninsula. To reach Tortuguero, you need to fly to San José and take a bus to La Pavona and finally, take a boat to your destination. 


Hike to Hollywood sign

There are very few things more breathtaking in California than the famous Hollywood sign and hiking to it is on the to-do of many. It is a rite of passage for various Southern California hikers and even if you cannot get close to it, you can still look down on the icon with the city right behind it. Besides the hike, enjoying the spectacular Camarillo air show is a must-do in the state. 


Explore wildlife in Madagascar

At the top of the bucket list of many, Madagascar offers a unique wildlife holiday experience. It is the oldest island on earth and has fauna and flora that have evolved in isolation over millions of years. It has more than 86 different species ranging from the lemurs to those as big as a chimpanzee. You will have an experience of a lifetime here and do not miss out to see the baobab trees. 

Snorkelling in Bora Bora

You will be welcomed by the clear, blue water in Bora Bora and there is no need to don the diving gear to enjoy snorkeling. Simply bring a mask and snorkel, and immerse yourself in the lagoon. You do not need any training or special skills. While you are exploring the blue waters, do not be surprised if you bump into an eagle ray, bat, or leopard. The water has the most diverse marine life in the world. Bora Bora is located about 250 km northwest of Tahiti and you can find daily flights to Tahiti.  


Watch that ice in Antarctica

Antarctica is all about appreciating the ice and the sail to it across the Drake Passage is a little tricky. However, as you begin to see more and more bits of ice, you will slowly forget about the sail. The wildlife is another reason to go to Antarctica, you will see penguins stealing your heart while there will be multiple sightings of leopard seals, whales, and the snowy shearwaters that promise to make your trip memorable. 


Head to the summit of Stromboli in Italy

Your climb to Stromboli will take about two to three hours while you move through the oleander, fig trees, and shrubs to nothing but the stunning black volcanic rock. Set off in the noon so you can reach the summit at dusk and you will spend hours looking at the magma bubbles through the volcano’s vents. It takes about 4 hours on a ferry to reach Stromboli from the Aeolian Island. 

There is a vast world out there with so many things to do and many places to explore. Keep these must-have experiences on your bucket list and tick them off one after the other. Life is too short to be spent at one destination. As the world opens to travel, make the most of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.