Teach your kids to be good drivers with these top tips

Teach your kids to be good drivers with these top tips

We all want to raise kids who understand the importance of good driving. Good drivers are safe and cautious on the road. They know that their actions have consequences and want to ensure that they don’t get into accidents (if an accident does occur, click the link to assist your search in finding a car accident lawyer in Atlanta). 

In the states, most people learn to drive when they are just 16. There are many reasons your teen wants to drive. Learning to drive gives them the independence and adventure that they’re craving. They can’t avoid driving forever, so how can you teach them to be good drivers? 

Asking about their lessons

Once your kid has had a driving lesson, they’re going to want to talk about it. A driving lesson can be an intense whirlwind of emotions, especially for a highly-strung teenager. So, teach them to be good drivers by asking about their lessons. What did they do well? What could have been better? What can they learn from this experience? Engaging in open and honest conversations about driving encourages them to think about the way they drive and become more rational.  


After your kid has had a few driving lessons and their instructor thinks they’re ready, it’s time for you to take them out in your car to practice. This can be a pretty daunting concept for a parent. While an instructor has their own set of pedals, you don’t. What happens if something goes wrong? The trick here is to be cool, calm and collected. Don’t yell. Give them clear instructions with plenty of time to process. If the experience ends up being a shouting match, they will develop negative connotations with driving. 

By influence

How is your kid supposed to be a good driver if you aren’t? When a youngster witnesses a parent forgetting to indicate, not giving way or being aggressive on the road, they will think that this is acceptable behavior. So, make sure that you’re meeting the standards you set. Use extra caution on the road and try to be a good influence. 

Car maintenance 

There’s more to driving than pressing the pedals and steering. Being a good driver also means knowing how to look after a car. If you’re teaching your kid how to navigate roads without showing them how to fill up, check for issues and keep a car well maintained, then you aren’t giving them a realistic picture of what being a driver is like. So, show them the ropes. A good driver regularly checks their vehicle, ensures it always has fuel and isn’t dangerous to drive. Teaching your kids to look after their car and respect it will ensure that they look after it on the roads, too.   




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