Warning Signs In Your Teen: Areas You Need To Watch Out For

Warning Signs In Your Teen: Areas You Need To Watch Out For

Parenting a teenager might be a nightmare for parents that have a child getting to that age. Rebellious teenagers are not always the norm as some teens cause far less trouble than others. The teenage years can be confusing due to hormones changing along with high school starting. Parents expect adult behavior from teens while not giving them adult freedoms. The confusion does not stop there as advice might fall on deaf ears as technology has changed the ways teens interact. Trouble can start for a teen in a number of forms whether it is substance abuse or mental health struggles. Watching and observing closely as a parent is imperative as early intervention is important with nearly all problems. Below are warning signs your teen might be exhibiting and what you can do. 

Mental Health Struggles

Mental health is something that needs to be addressed with all teens. The tough aspect of mental health is that symptoms might be internal and hard to see from the outside. Teens suffering from depression might put on a smile to fool others into thinking they are content with life. Teenage depression treatment will differ depending on the case and severity of the depression. Medication along with therapy are both traditional means of treating depression. A treatment plan will differ depending on your teen and their interests. At times, diving into something a teen is passionate about can help certain symptoms of depression. 

Substance Abuse

Alcohol consumption might happen with your teen with or without your approval. There are some parents that try to be open about drinking alcohol as long as it is in a safe environment. Addiction can form quite quickly with alcohol addiction having potentially fatal consequences. Drinking and driving should be addressed immediately with the revocation of driving privileges. You do not want your teen to end up in prison due to causing the death of another while driving drunk. 


Drug use is going to be hidden by a teen so it is important to be observant. A sudden change in friends could indicate trouble as old friends might not support drug usage. Money becoming an issue for a teen that rarely asked for cash can be another sign. 


Vaping is not always tobacco which is something you need to keep in mind. Marijuana can be vaped easily and the smell is not as strong as if someone was smoking a joint. Edibles are also easy to hide as some look like regular candy. Without the packaging, a parent might not know there is THC in gummies or chocolates. 

Issues With Dating

Dating as a teen is so uncomfortable for a large number of individuals. Figuring out the various boundaries during dating is very important and something a parent should inform their teen of. Abusive relationships do exist among teens which should not be tolerated in the slightest. There are going to be people your teen date that you simply do not get along with. Forbidding a teen to see a person can have the opposite effect. Allow a teen relationship to run its course as people tend to end relationships after only a few months. You do not want to give a mediocre relationship that feeling of the forbidden fruit as this can lead to the relationship lasting longer. 

Trouble With The Law

Legal trouble can occur on account of substance abuse or just dumb teenage decisions. Finding a top criminal defense attorney is always going to be very important. You do not want charges as a teen to impact the job search in the future for your child. Diversion programs are available for those that have been arrested for the first time on a specific charge. These programs can include the completion of anger management or substance abuse counseling. Getting into trouble during this time can lead to the judge revoking the opportunity to complete the diversion program. 


Arrests on account of reckless driving can carry the same penalties as a DUI/DWI. A suspension of a driver’s license can cripple employment opportunities. The insurance cost increase can be hundreds of dollars if your insurance company does not decide to drop you completely. Putting a troubled teen on their own insurance policy might be the best option so the family is not legally liable for any severe accidents. 


Being a parent of a teen can be a tough task depending on your teen. Keep your teen involved in various activities as trouble tends to occur when teens are bored. Sports along with extracurriculars can be the answer to keep your teen busy and out of trouble. 

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