Breast Cancer: Don’t be a dumbass like me.

Breast Cancer: Don’t be a dumbass like me.

Listen up ladies! If you are thin and have dense fibrous breasts, and you’ve been told for years that your Mammograms are inconclusive because they can’t see anything – YOU ARE AT RISK OF HAVING UNDETECTED BREAST CANCER. If you have also been told by your Doctor that lumps are a result of caffeine or hormones – YOU ARE AT RISK OF HAVING UNDETECTED BREAST CANCER.

I was told for a solid 15 years that my lumps that were chalked up to too much coffee or Diet Coke. I also never heard back from my mammos – no news is good news?  WRONG. Inconclusive tests are just that – inclusive and provide NO REAL INFO. I bought into a false sense of security that my lumps were normal and hence I became complacent. I had 2 cancerous lumps (stage 2), a mastectomy, radiation and now I’m on hormone therapy for the next 5 years in the hopes this doesn’t come back.

You know what WOULD have been great? Oh, I don’t know – perhaps REAL testing and a biopsy about 10 years ago instead of a brush-off? Perhaps I could have caught this much earlier? I’m done blaming myself for not being more proactive and I can’t point a finger at a particular health care provider as I’ve been part of THREE different ones and they have all been dismissive over having dense fibrous breasts.

I also don’t care WHY I got it – I’ve led a very healthy for most part, however I had a lot of chemical exposure growing up. For example, my first job in highschool was handling chemical solvents in a lab and I remember my palms peeling, I played out in the street when the mosquito bug spray truck drove by in Florida and we used to think it was fun to roll mercury around in our hands – and I’m sure MANY MORE instances. How much TAB soda did I drink over the years? UGH!  Play stupid games, win stupid prizes – but it was the 70s & 80s and we were not WOKE yet.

As a recent breast cancer survivor, I made this little video PSA as most women are now pushing off their first mammos later and later. I started in my late 30’s because of my concern of my lumps on my left side (never had a biopsy) but since then the recommendation for having a mammogram has been pushed back to start age at 45!

Women can wait until age 45 to start getting annual mammograms and cut back to every other year once they turn 55, according to new breast cancer screening guidelines from the American Cancer Society.

  1. Ask Questions 2. Demand an UltraSound 3. Biopsies are a better way to test lumps! 4. ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF – ALWAYS!