Your Survival Kit for Hosting Thanksgiving

Your Survival Kit for Hosting Thanksgiving
Last year at Thanksgiving, I went a little crazy and made twelve sides to go with the turkey. That’s right, twelve. The reason I did so was part culinary ego, and part out of necessity as I have so many different family members with dietary restrictions.

This year I’ve carefully reviewed my list of side dishes and adjusted recipes so just about everyone can eat them. However, the one problematic ingredient that is necessary to many of my creatiions is dairy (milk, sour cream, cheese, butter). My lactose intolerant family members need not fear the Big Meal! I label which foods have dairy in them so they don’t have to ask. I also keep a healthy supply of  LACTAID® tablets on hand. I am also using LACTAID® milk to make my mashed potatoes, so they may be freely enjoyed by all!

My daughter was diagnosed as being Lactose intolerant recently, so we are now more aware of dairy products in foods before they are consumed. With the chewable Vanilla LACTAID® tablets, she simply takes one per serving of dairy so she doesn’t need to limit the dairy products she enjoys.

I love preparing a lot of food, so with that task comes over indulgence. Like many families, this is the one day out of the year that we simply need to loosen our belt buckles and go for it. Just in case a guest has completely overdone it, I recommend stocking up on PEPCID® and IMODIUM® to soothe any tummy troubles and heartburn.

Get ahead of the Big Day and look for a coupon in your 11/6 Sunday paper to save up to $3 on IMODIUM®, PEPCID® and LACTAID®!

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