Host a Holiday Cookie Exchange (& Tasting!)

Host a Holiday Cookie Exchange (& Tasting!)
The holidays are all about spending time with friends and family and enjoying special treats. One of my most favorite holiday traditions is having a Cookie Exchange Party.

As everyone is so busy around this time of year, I have completely relaxed my party instructions. I used to ask that everyone make their cookies, but for those who work or are busy with family sports and events, that task can seem daunting. This is supposed to be a fun party, not a chore!  Bakery purchased cookies are just fine!

How to Host a Cookie Exchange for 10 People

Ask each guest to bring two dozen cookies, or more if you have over ten party guests.  If they are making homemade cookies, ask for them to bring 10 printed recipes. If the cookies are storebought ask them to provide the bakery name & cookie name so guests can find them at a store later!

Create a beautiful and inviting tablescape for your guests to enjoy.

Tiered cake stands are PERFECT for entertaining. As you’ve asked your guests to bring 24 treats, take four from each guest’s platters and display around a tiered treat stand like this one. 

Before you sit to enjoy some treats, have each do the ‘cookie exchange’ and take two of each kind of cookie from each guest.  Provide tupperware or large cardboard cake boxes so guests may take their sweet loot home. If you have time, label them in advance with their names.

After the boxes are created, it’s time to sit down at your gorgeous holiday treat table! Serve wine both red and white wines to pair with your nibbles and treats. Or, if your crowd is a little more mellow, teas and coffees. My crowd of friends is never mellow. 

Make sure your plates are not huge – they should be appropriately sized likes these 7″ square appetizer from Dowan.

The square ramekin bowls are perfect for providing little nibbles in per place setting.

If you’re not to busy gabbing, play some fun table games like Taboo (phone app) or combine this party with a White Elephant Exchange!

This is an easy and fun party to throw, and everyone gets to go come with treats!

 For gorgeous plates like the ones I have used in my table display, please visit the Dowan Storefront.



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