Make Treat Time Last Longer with a Twist

Make Treat Time Last Longer with a Twist

This post is sponsored by  JW Twist-In Treats but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

We just finished building an outdoor covered patio structure to enjoy this summer, so we are ready to start entertaining! While everyone loves my big hairy rescue dog Tonga, (I mean, she is the sweetest, happiest dog on the planet) sometimes it’s nice to be able to relax without fuzz face demanding pets and hugs.

I love the new Petmate JW Twist-In Treats pet toy. Not only is it super durable, but it comes with a tasty treat (available in chicken or beef) in a twist in design to keep the treat ‘locked inside’. The treat is accessible to taste, so it keeps my dog very engaged while she tries to get at it.

We had some guests over last night, and she entertained herself with the Petmate JW Twist-In Treats pet toy while we watched the sunset. She would even take it over to our grassy area and throw it around, and then take it back to the patio to lick and chew on.

Instead of Tonga wanting to be entertained, we were entertained by her! Watch the video:

This is what we call the ‘ice cream pose’ as she’ll turn it upright and then just lick it like an ice cream cone! It’s super cute and she looks so happy!

As a Tijuana rescue dog, Tonga had a rough start in life. So we’ve provided a ‘cushy’ lifestyle for her – she has a huge fluffy bed in my bedroom for the nighttime and resting pads around the house. She has the best food, toys, treats, and attention around the clock.

No one wants to see their pet bored. Treats are a fun way to get Tonga excited, but as an older dog, too many make her a round Tonga. That’s why I love that the Petmate JW Twist-In Treats pet toy keeps her engaged with a tasty treat, but she’s not scarfing down a bunch of unnecessary calories.

Tonga really likes to lick and cuddle her  Petmate JW Twist-In Treats pet toy. She even takes it to her different beds around the house when it’s time to rest.

If you want to make treat time last longer for your pupster, check out the toy!