Granstrom Evergreens Christmas Wreaths

Granstrom Evergreens Christmas Wreaths

Small Business Saturday may have passed, but it’s not too late to support small biz AND get a beautiful wreath handcrafted with Northwest evergreens.  My Granstrom Evergreens wreaths arrived today via UPS.  It started to rain, so I ran out to meet our UPS man on the street.  I always ask, “Whatcha got for me today?” Today UPS man gives me a big smile and says,” I don’t know but it smells great! “

I instantly knew those had to be the wreaths from Granstrom and I was so excited because these fresh products, hand-created in Oregon, were exactly what I needed to kickstart me into the Holiday season. (The wreaths always ship after Thanksgiving) It’s funny how smells and colors can trigger memories, especially around this time of year. Honestly, I can walk through every store and mall on the planet, and despite the barrage of holiday blitz and reindeer music, it feels like an obligation versus a celebration. Wreaths, my friends, make it real. Honest natural pine greenery  bring true joy as fabulous pine smells and beauty are welcomed into the home.

Granstrom Evergreens is a farm based in Troutdale, Oregon and the artisans there create the ultimate combination wreath with Noble fir, cedar, berried juniper and natural pine cones. They are also tightly woven and very high quality, unlike the loose junky ones that can be found at Big Box stores. Each wreath comes complete with a hand-tied, deluxe red and gold wired bow.

You can get your very own gorgeous wreath in a about 1-3 days for most states. They stop shipping after December 15th, so unlike stalling on CHristmas Cards, go ahead and grab yourself one. A 22” wreath is $35 and they make larger varieties as well as garland and swag. These are very affordable and high-quality. To order, visit Erik Granstrom’s Evergreen farm website and submit your order here.

He also offers fundraising opportunities for schools & organizations.

Bring a little of the outside, inside and enjoy the Season!

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