Educational, Sustainable & Socially Responsible Toys for 2020 Holiday Season

Educational, Sustainable & Socially Responsible Toys for 2020 Holiday Season

I just participated in the Holiday of Play Toy Insider Event and here are my early toy picks that teach STEM, Socially Responsible or use Sustainable manufacturing.  There are so many exciting & innovative toys and activities coming out, it was hard to narrow it down!



STEM Learning

Green Energy Snap Circuits 

This awesome set will teach many lessons on energy! This is a great set to supplement home STEM learning and to get your kids interested in where our energy comes from!

Build over 125 projects investigating alternative energy strategies, learn about Green Energy options (bonus educational manual included) and contains over 40 parts including Hand Crank, Solar Cell, FM Radio, Energy Compartment, Rechargeable Battery, Windmill Clock, and Analog Meter

Find this set on Amazon here.


Ooze Labs Colorful Crystal Kit

This science kit is so fun! Kids (and adults!) can grow a variety of dazzling, colorful crystals using safe, non-toxic crystal salts.  Also, kids can make a crystal volcano on a paper cone, watch long spindly crystals form on a rock, grow crystals in a petri dish and on a string! Great for home school! Find the kit on Amazon here. 

Gladius Model Kit

Not only does model building increase finger dexterity, but kids gain valuable problem skills by putting things together. Also, the end result is pretty cool! Check out the Play Monster Snap Ship kits.

Find it on Amazon here. 


Social Responsibility

Crayola Colors of The World

Kids can represent themselves and the world around them with newly formulated colors that reflect more than 40 global skin tone shades with authentic color names. Skin tone colors range from “extra light” to “deepest” and encompass three undertones: rose, almond, and golden. Find it on Amazon here. 


Fresh Dolls

These beautiful dolls are multicultural, 11.5-inch dolls come in a variety of custom-blended skin tones with unique facial features and accurate body sculpting to represent real people. Fresh Dolls Store on Amazon



Mr. Potato Head goes Green! 

Mr. Potato Head Goes Green

The Mr. Potato Head figure and accessories are made from sustainable plant-based plastic that is derived from sugarcane. The 15-piece set comes in “virtually plastic-free” Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper packaging. The 5-inch scale figure looks like the classic Mr. Potato Head kids love, but now has dings and dimples like a real potato would have. Accessories include a flower pot, a worm, and a sprout. Find it on Amazon here. 


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