All I want for Christmas Are Anti-Bacterial Miracle Sheets

All I want for Christmas Are Anti-Bacterial Miracle Sheets

When I was growing up, it was a family tradition to be gifted quality pajamas for Christmas from my Grandmother. My Mom would often get new sheets or towels. As a kid, it was sort of a ‘meh’ gift experience, but now as an adult I have a real appreciation for my grandmother’s yearly gift choices. The ‘Greatest Generation’ or WWII kids grew up not wasting and they also believed in buying quality that would last. So, giving someone something they would use on a daily basis, over and over again that would be durable and not fall apart, was actually a gift of love. I now love giving and receiving USEFUL things! 

Recently I was doing laundry and decided that some of my sheets were getting a bit thin and raggedy. Although there are Black Friday deals, those products are often cheap and the fabrics are rough and uncomfortable. So, in the spirit of Grandma’s holiday tradition, I was excited to get these high quality 500-thread count sateen weave sheets from Miracle Made Sheets.

They are SO soft and silky feeling – I want to jump in bed and nap the minute I made my bed! The Miracle Made Sheets are also infused with natural silver, so they prevent up to 99.9% of bacterial growth! 

I recently spent a ton of money on a single pillow case for my teen that is also antibacterial, which is supposed to help with acne. I feel silly for not finding these Miracle Made sheets sooner – I could have had the whole set for a little bit more money! Normal fabric is a breeding ground for bacteria that lead to odors, stains, and yes, acne.

How does it work? The silver ions naturally possess a positive charge that connect to bacteria like a magnet and prevents 99.9% of bacteria growth from the inside out before it has a chance to reproduce. 

Anti-bacterial sheets means zero odors (because bacteria causes smells) and they are ultra-breathable, so I remain cool and comfortable all night long. 

If you have a college student, consider this sheet set as a quality gift they will appreciate while at school. How often is your son or daughter student doing their laundry and how bad does their dorm room smell? Seriously! Only half-kidding! With anti-bacterial sheets, your college student can do up to 3X less laundry as the sheets won’t smell like regular run of the mill sheets. 

The Miracle Made Sheets are an investment in SLEEP. ($128 for a queen set on Prime!) Rough, cheap and scratchy sheets may save you a buck, but it’s so much nicer to slink into a bed with sheets that have an ultra-luxurious, smooth and silky feel. Also, by eliminating germs and bacteria that cause morning stuffiness, I find that I wake up with less congestion.

The sheets come in Twin, Queen, King and Cali-King. I have the Cali-King set and it’s so great not to have to struggle with the corners when making the bed. The Miracle Made Sheets come in white, skyblue and stone, so there is bound to be a color option that works for your bedroom. 

If you have skin issues such as acne, or breathing congestion in the morning, consider that the root of the problem may lurk in your sheets and give Miracle Made Sheets a try.

Miracle Made also makes antibacterial towels in all sizes ranging from wash clothes to large bath towels, so no more musty towel smells.