Win the trip of a lifetime to Banff, Canada sponsored by Kimberly-Clark!

Win the trip of a lifetime to Banff, Canada sponsored by Kimberly-Clark!

Did you know that simply buying Kimberly-Clark products with the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) label helps protect forests? The FSC label means the product is from a responsibly managed forest—one where trees are harvested legally, highly hazardous pesticides are not used, the rights of indigenous people are protected, and more.

Through a unique collaboration with WWF (World Wildlife Fund), as part of a new HEART YOUR PLANET” campaign, the WWF logo will be on the package of Kimberly-Clark’s North American tissue products certified to Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) standards, including Kleenex® facial tissue, Scott® paper towels, Viva® paper towels and Cottonelle® toilet paper.

People will start to see the WWF logo on packaging from June 2017, starting with Scott® paper towels. In addition, Kimberly-Clark will also provide $4 million to support WWF’s efforts to protect forests and other critical ecosystems.

I’ve been a life-long Scott® toilet paper buyer, so I was thrilled to learn about this new partnership. I also buy my Kleenex®, Cottonelle®, Scott® and Viva® products on Amazon because I love buying in bulk, the prices are always great, and I didn’t have to schlep it from my car to my house! I love door-to-door toilet paper service! Scott® toilet paper is very gentle on my plumbing, is septic safe and earth-friendly. The new TUBELESS rolls are even more earth-friendly!

They take a little getting used to, as when the ‘roll’ gets thin, there is no cardboard tube for the paper to stick to, so I simply pull gently. However, every time I finish off a roll I’m so thankful that there was ONE less piece of cardboard that I would have had to recycle.

All of the Kimberly-Clark products are available on and right now you can get up to $4 off + Up to 15% off with Subscribe & Save. With the Subscribe & Save option, I not only save money, but I never EVER have to make a late-night run to grab some toilet paper or paper towels. It’s so convenient and affordable, that I can’t imagine buying my household paper products any other way now!

WIN THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME Enter for a chance to win a trip to Banff, Canada.

Not only can you support the Heart Your Planet campaign to support responsibly managed forest, but you could win a trip to Banff, Canada.  Banff, Canada is a magical pristine place on the planet. I can still remember my visit when I was a child as if it were yesterday.

We went hiking through a sunlit dappled forest, and the ground was soft and wet, absorbing the sound of my footsteps. The air was crisp, cool and smelled like pine. The canopy of trees created a quiet environment for the exception of an occasional songbird chattering away. A dark brown glossy coated mink ran across the trail, just feet away from me, and I was in love!

Look for Kleenex®, Cottonelle®, Scott® and Viva® products with the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) label, and enter for a chance to explore the natural beauty of Banff, Canada with your family or friends!