Is Your Child Getting Enough Omega-3?

Is Your Child Getting Enough Omega-3?

  It is easy to know exactly what time of year it is if we just listen to the noises around us…Cough cough, Sniffle sniffle, Aaaaachoooooo! Yup, you guessed it, we are in the middle of winter! Every store we go into, playground we visit or even the drop-off at school, you can hear all these noises that remind us that our personal health is constantly under attack!

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There are many different protocols we as parents do to try to keep our kids healthy and build up immunity. Wash hands often, use sanitizer, feed them nutritious food and help them to get plenty of sleep. However, even when we follow these “guidelines,” chances are they will still experience some sort of symptoms of getting sick. With a lack of sleep comes the inability to stay focused and can affect overall mood and brain function. Sometimes we just need to do more. 

Many parents will introduce a multi-vitamin or Vitamin C made just for children either in the chewable or gummy form. Those are great in helping to supplement what our children don’t always get out of our food on a daily basis. However, how do we know our kids are getting what they really need?

Often Omega-3 is an overlooked, yet very important nutrient in many diets. Omega-3 Fish Oil nutrients DHA and EPA have been proven to be one of the single most important nutrients that is often lacking from our children’s diets. As both are essential fatty acids our bodies cannot produce, it is important that we get them from either the food we eat or quality supplements in order to meet our daily needs.

Omega-3 is very important for maintaining your child’s overall health. Research indicates that taking the appropriate dose of Omega-3 can enhance brain health, aid in fewer sleep disturbances and may decrease symptoms of ADHD and asthma. So how do we know if our children are getting enough of these nutrients in food alone?

Well thanks to Kids Smart, taking the appropriate dose of their chewable fish shape Kids Smart High DHA Fish Oil Chewable Burstlets can assist in providing children with adequate levels of Omega-3 on a daily basis! 

These fun fish-shaped Burstlets can be enjoyed in two different ways. Either place the Kids Smart Burstlet directly in the mouth and chew to experience a fruity burst squirt or simply twist the cap off the Kids Smart Hi DHA-Omega Burstlet and squeeze the fruity fish oil directly into the mouth or into your child’s favorite drink or food. 

Each chewable Burstlet contains up to 10 times more fish oil and up to 13 times more DHA than any other kid’s brand. Each Burstlet also contains 500mg of natural fish oil. These nutrients help to support brain function, focus and overall mood. These essential fatty acids cannot be produced by our own bodies, therefore are only obtained through food or supplementation. 

When I opened the container of these fun shaped Burstlets, my son didn’t hesitate to try one! The trio of flavors, blackcurrant, strawberry and orange also come in 3 colors, pink, orange and purple. He grabbed the purple (blackcurrant) and started chewing. I could see his reaction as he experienced that fruity squirt of flavor and he started laughing.

I have since then also twisted the top off and poured the liquid into his morning orange juice. He doesn’t even notice! With my son being an extremely picky eater, I struggle with him lacking some key essential vitamins through his food alone. Adding Kid Smart Burstlets to our morning routine is not only simple, but gives me peace of mind that my son is achieving the recommended Omega 3 dose for his age. 

The Burstlets are also free of gluten, yeast, wheat, and dairy so it’s a great choice for those with food sensitivities.

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