Can You Sue For Food Poisoning at a Restaurant?

Can You Sue For Food Poisoning at a Restaurant?

It’s commonly know that if you’ve been injured or hurt because of someone else’s negligence, you may be considering suing the person or company at fault as your injury might have had a significant impact on your life.  But does that include food poisoning at a restaurant?

There are many different types of negligence that might have lead to an accident, but what might these be? Here’s when to think about legal representation. 

Slips and falls

Unfortunately, negligence in slip and fall is more common than you might think. It could occur in a restaurant, workplace or other communal space, and most often happens when a member of staff has not put up appropriate signs for slippery surfaces. For example, you may have been enjoying some delicious food out, when you got up to go to the bathroom and slipped on a spillage that wasn’t cleaned up properly, gaining a significant injury. Wherever a member of staff has been wiping floors, a wet floor sign always needs to be used. If you’ve experienced an accident from negligence in slip and fall, you may wish to consider getting legal representation. 

Medical negligence   

Medical malpractice is when someone experiences an injury or gains a health condition due to the negligence of a hospital, doctor or healthcare professional. It can relate to an incorrect diagnosis, prescribing incorrect medication or negligence during procedures. If you think you’ve experienced medical negligence, you may have the grounds to sue. Your life will be significantly impacted by the negligence you experienced and you may be entitled to compensation. Speak to a lawyer to find out the next steps.

Food and drink

Alongside slips and falls in restaurants, negligence also occurs in the food industry in the form of food poisoning or infections. Remember the whole Chipotle debaucle? For example, you may have been served a dish that contained ingredients that were out of date. Whilst many cases of food poisoning are unpleasant, but over and done with quickly, serious bouts can cause long-term health conditions and create a significant impact on your life. Alternatively, you may have purchased a pre-packaged sandwich at your local supermarket which didn’t have a disclaimer that it had traces of nuts, and you have a nut allergy. This comes down to negligence, as the company involved has a legal obligation to inform its customers of all ingredients and has therefore put your life at risk. 


Negligence can also come in the form of faults in products – whether that’s machinery, toys or equipment. If you’ve bought a toy for your child, for example, and something malfunctioned whilst they were playing with it which then gave them an injury, you may be able to sue for negligence. You may find that this has been a fault with many versions of the toy, and not just the one that you purchased, which might lead to a class action lawsuit. This comes down to negligence, as the company should have done significant tests before allowing the toy to go to shops.