Harry Potter Party Tablescape DIY

Harry Potter Party Tablescape DIY

You can make this creative and spooky Harry Potter-themed tablescape with things you already (like old dishware, books and pewter) plus a few inexpensive crafts. Most items are available on Amazon and are easy to assemble. Your guests will be lingering at the table just to soak in all the little details!

Harry Potter Party Tablescape DIY 

Chocolate Snitches 

Chocolate Snitches make the best Harry Potter party favors and you can work them into your tablescape design. A large box of gold-wrapped Ferrero Rocher may be found at your local drug store or even some larger grocery stores, however, I found the best pricing for a large box at Costco (around $14 for a huge box). Or you can order a large box of golden snitches on Amazon and safe yourself a trip.

make your own Harry Potter Chocolate Snitches

I found these silky translucent dragon fly wings that will instantly transform your Ferrero Rocher chocolates into golden snitches. Simply peel up the Ferrero Rocher sticker and restick a pair of wings to each chocolate.



harry potter table decor DIY

Old Books, Pewter & Greenery

Old pewter or grandma’s silver will come in handy as a centerpiece. If the silver is tarnished, even better! Add a small fall flowering plant in the center (or cut flowers if space doesn’t allow). I filled in the gaps with a little Spanish moss, a tiny gourd and popped in a glass owl I had in my Halloween decor box. A white ‘Hedwig’ owl would be super cute!

Green branches of any variety are a nice way to make the table feel natural, running the décor down the length of the table. Grab magnolia leaves and pine boughs as they won’t wilt and hold up for the duration of a party. Use Halloween spiders, crows and bones in between the leaves. I used Skeleton Salad Servers as decor, but they would be great in actual salad use too!


harry potter table scape ideas

Marauder Map

Print your own map with these instructions on paper that looks aged. Don’t have any? Tea stain some white paper, let it dry and then print on it. I cut and folded the map and tucked it into the greenery on the table.

LED lit Candles (safer for kids) or tall pillar candles

I found these LED flickering flame candles on Amazon with a real wax outside, but they look like birch branches. I loved the natural feel, but plain white ones would work as well! If you are inside, you can hang them from the ceiling and make floating candles!


harry potter tablescape

Flying Keys

These keys with wings would be fun to hang from the ceiling, but I thought they looked cute around the table settings. The wings are available on Amazon here and a bag of different sized brass keys are available on Amazon here. The wings & keys project will cost you around $16 total. You’ll have enough wings left over for the Snitches!


flying keys harry potter tutorial

Make these in advance – simply use a little Elmer’s school glue and stick the wings to the keys, or if you’re in a hurry you can use a hot glue gun, but be careful not to overly glop it on or you’ll see a big clear glue blop! (Is Blob a word?) 🙂

Harry Potter Glasses

Make sure to grab yourself a pair of round Harry Potter style glasses just like Harry to wear during your gathering! Or, you can make them as part of your tablescape – just a small touch, but fun for guests to ‘discover’ while admiring the table.

Hogwarts Letters

If you have somewhere to hang a thin strand of mini seed lights above your table, you can hang Hogwarts letters on it with tiny clips as if the letters are whooshing above your head.  Print out from this template here.

Snowy Owl

I SO WISHED I had Harry’s Owl, Hedwig, sitting on the table but I was unable to get one in time. However, if I were to go back and do it again, I would absolutely have this owl sitting perched on some books or a cauldron over looking the activities. This owl is one of the more realistic ones and it ships on speedy Prime for $15.95.


Party Favors!

Should you have gals coming to dinner for a Harry Potter Movie Binge Fest, check out these COOL Harry Potter wand themed makeup brushes! Find them here on Amazon. This set also comes in both a velvet bag PLUS the black box you see on my dinner charger. I printed out an Ollivander’s Wand Shop logo and glued it on each box. So cute!

Fruit / Gourds

You can use colorful gourds or bright apples to fill in the gaps in the plants, plus food just makes the table look festive and enticing!

Plates & Chargers

Use real dinner plates and chargers if you have them! I have an assortment of Dollar Tree chargers (Silver and Gold) from holidays past, so I just pulled from that collection. They make the table look more formal and it looks great with the old pewter!

Harry Potter Ties

If you want to go OVER THE TOP, get your guests some cute Harry Potter Themed Ties to wear!