Holiday stress? Let Bona Powerplus clean the mess!

Holiday stress? Let Bona Powerplus clean the mess!

This post is sponsored by Bona but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

By BoredMom Ruthie

 The hustle and bustle has just begun! Halloween decorations have been tucked away, and Fall is in full swing! With Thanksgiving rounding the corner and Christmas, Hannukah and New Years quickly approaching, many of us are suddenly realizing, where did the time go?

There are dinner parties to plan, gifts to wrap, pine needles to sweep and guest rooms to be prepared. With all the running around and preparations to be made, I know the last thing I want to worry about is getting on my hands and knees to scrub my dirty floors.

When time is tight for me during the holidays, the Bona Powerplus is here to help keep things stress-free. Because we love social gatherings in our home, this is not the time to say I will wait until Spring cleaning! Whether it’s family or friends, or perhaps a visit from good ole’ Saint Nick, this IS the time to let my home sparkle and shine.

The Bona Quick Clean System of products are perfectly curated to speed up cleaning time, to maximize my cleaning time! These products have not only changed the way I tackle cleaning, but actually get the job done in a way that’s easy, convenient, mess-free, and FUN for the whole family!

After an early fall party, I am now jumping into my Christmas Décor and playing with different tabletop decorations. My two kitties sure are enjoying the ribbons and bows too! However, with the boxes sitting in storage for the last 11 months and the residue of glitter and dust attached, it’s a mess before we even get started!

 The Bona PowerPlus system also includes dusting pads with 3D fibers and locking strips that can easily wipe away the dust and glitter left on your floor from those stored boxes. Decorating should emphasize the holiday fun, not make my home look dusty and dirty!

With the cooler weather and the heaters blowing, my ceiling fans have come to a standstill, which means I can see piles of dust on the blades! I simply use the microfiber pads to dust those high ceiling fans as well. What a quick and easy sweep! A couple minutes will clean up months of dust!

My son is five and it’s such a fun age, especially this time of year! Every year I can see the excitement beam more and more and his holiday spirit glowing!

The efficiency of The Bona PowerPlus system allows me to only spend minutes sanitizing, and hours playing! From gingerbread houses to drawing snowmen and Christmas Trees, I can be stress-free knowing that wherever we “craft” I have polished and cleaned my floors using the Bona PowerPlus. With the reusable microfiber pads, I can mop and drop into the washing machine and have them ready to use for the next time. 

My hardwood floors also get a nice shine as the Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner has an oxygenated formula that loosens and removes heavy dirt build-up without any extra effort on my part. With decorating, traveling and hosting this holiday season, I can take a deep breath and be stress-free when it comes to polishing up my home. Oh, and my son can be assured that the cookies and milk he leaves out for Santa will be happily received, even if the kitties knock them over. 

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