3 CBD & Hemp Oil Body Care Products that are Game Changers

3 CBD & Hemp Oil Body Care Products that are Game Changers

The more I use CBD products, the more impressed I am with the versatility. My most favorite use for CBD is via body products. After personally testing out lots of products out there, here are my top picks for various skin and body related issues.  The following products below were samples (out of many that I receive) and have made this list based on my personal opinion of what’s the best stuff out there right now to use.

Beauty Skincare

Trust Beauty has a wonderful line of products based on adaptogens, which are proprietary ingredients that help your skin adapt to any conditions. So I was excited to test out the new Trust Beauty believe CBD Booster Serum. CBD is a known anti-inflammatory – so what would it do for my skin?

As I am prone to hormonal breakouts, I used this serum on freshly washed skin. The serum offered a  high level of moisture and made my skin feel plumped, but it did not feel greasy. My breakouts were also very minimal for the month, and I do credit this CBD infused serum for keeping the blow ups at bay.

From the Trust Beauty website – CBD Product Efficacy Booster is formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, combat free radicals, inflammation, and skin irritation while normalizing sebum production, thereby reducing the effects of acne.   This is the most effective, well researched CBD facial oil on the market today.  Utilizing 300 mg of Colorado-grown, third party tested, broad-spectrum hemp oil and a proprietary blend of 7 oils plus vitamin E and Squalene, this a great stand-alone product that can also be added to existing TRUST Beauty products to boost efficacy and hydration.

Topical Sports Therapy Skincare

pure relief CBD

My daughter is a high school golfer and has unfortunately developed some tendonitis recently in her elbows. She can ice and heat for relief, but before she heads out for a tournament, we rub in a liberal amount of Pure Relief’s CBD Sports balm cream. It sort of has a funky brown color and has a menthol-like smell, but this stuff gets rid of pain AND keeps her pain free through HOURS of golf! Anytime we can use something topical (versus an over the counter pain reliever pill), count US IN! The Pure Relief is also great for sore lower backs or hamstrings  – I personally tested it out after going a little crazy in my garden on the weekend. The pain relief is fairly quickly too, so it’s a great option for those in sports who need quick topical pain relief.

Topical Pain & Woundcare

mothers healing balm

Mother’s Healing Balm doesn’t actually have CBD oil in it, however it does have virgin Hemp seed oil which ALSO reduces skin inflammation, hence why I’m including it in my favs list . I recently had surgery and had a fairly large gash across my chest and also had nerve pain. I had to be VERY careful what I put on my body during the healing process. After my liquid stitches from the hospital started to wear off, I immediately started putting the Mother’s Healing Balm on my wound. I would also rub it into my arm where I had some related nerve pain from the surgery. Although the pain relief was not as instant as say a direct CBD oil product, I did receive some pain relieve and my skin healed VERY quickly – in fact, my surgeon was really impressed with how fast I was healing! Consult with your Doctor before use, but I can personally attest to the fact that this rich balm was extremely soothing, natural and gentle which is EXACTLY what I needed for scar healing at the time. From the Herbal Healing website – Our approach is holistic, we consider every aspect of skin healing and repair and choose our ingredients accordingly. The base for our slaves is virgin sesame oil and hemp oil. Sesame oil is has one of the highest levels of zinc among oils, which is crucial in skin healing and repair. Virgin hemp oil lends its skin healing benefits by providing Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), a type of Omega 3 fat that is needed to reduce inflammation and help in skin healing.